Random creations

A felt Samus 'S' logo with a green background A big ol' fluffy Metroid pillow Kabutroid's Metroid tattoo Closeup of her painted wand
A potential book cover, a diplodocus standing up and two compies kinda standing on a rock and holding up a graph, with the title 'The numerical adventures of Modulus, the algebraic diplodocus' Her genderfluid tattoo A blue and grey backpack on a grey carpet Kabs's transgender tattoo
A pink collar with a heart center, laying on a red sakura pattern cloth, little tiny flower pattern. The bottom of a sake cup with a scorpion logo on the underside A pair of chainmaille scale earrings The ampersand symbol, made in pony beads, kinda encased in plastic.
The pieces of the divination kit spread out on the silk cloth her meow tattoo, very fresh and new Her ear studs, pink Her bellybutton piercing, pink
Her and her friend's dove tattoos Her prairie flowers tattoo Her medicine bag, with her jack stone on top of it. Her string Rosary
A teensy tiny prayer book sitting on a ruler, three point five centimeters. Several lines drawn on Kabutroid's arm A closeup of Kabutroid's face, all covered in red paint A box of all-weather paper, with the note 'Legend of Kabuto' written on loosleaf on top.
A hand holding the harrow cards, all spread outA closeup of part of the instructions, talking about getting 2 d 4 giant ants to aid and protect you A red pouch on a dark grey carpet A rough brown box on grey carpet A painted easter egg, lots of reds and yellows, with wheat imagery on it.
The title for tarot of many things, stark and bold and strong A tiny red bag on Kabutroid's fingers A tiny dice roller made from clear plastic The beginnings of Kabutroid's Kabutroid figure
The Deck of hazards box, plain brown cardboard with handwritten lettering. A rickety looking structure with a dice on top A housefly hanging from a glass lamp The blue caravan playing card box, stating the deck of many things, edition 0
A convenient link back to the AD&D page, since these two page sections intertwine so much around here A metallic cube, with locations marked on the sides. Kabutroid holding an open playing card box with several blue diamondprint cards sticking out, with on the face saying the deck of many more things.

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The collection of random things I've made when my creative juices start flowing.