The Kabutroid figurine

Woah check it out, a Kabufigure!

The figurine in mid-completion

Oohhhh, this was cool. So I found a Kabutops figure on Etsy, 3D printing of it. I mixed some tissue paper and glue to clump overtop of the head, after rearranging the head to create ears, and doubling the length of the tail (I always pictured my tail dragging on the ground), and then covered the rough tissue paper with JB Weld (good ol' JB Weld) and smoothed it out with sandpaper, and it's come out amazing!

As of the present moment my paints are waiting for me in England, so the painting of the Kabutroid will wait a little bit, but at least we have the base figure now!

Base shape finished February 11, 2022

A shiny golden Kabutops figurine on a base, with a red backdrop. Kabutroid's head made with tissue balled and glued to create the round head, and the side planes from the original head are angled upwards to turn into Kabutroid's ears. The Kabutroid figure, being held up, with the head now a grey jbweld plastic epoxy colour.

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