Made by me or my family and friends

A painted Ukrainian Easter egg
Not much extra to add here, just a photographic documentation of our Easter eggs that we've painted ^_^

Our egg-painting kit, with eight syluses, seven colours prepared, paper towel, the wax, a carton of hollowed out eggs, and other supplies arranged on the canvas worktop. Four eggs on a blue tarp, flowery or with wheat sheaves, and one that isn't yet painted, but has some wax applied. A closeup of the egg with wheat sheaves, orange bands on either side of a focal point of three wheat strands, with purple dots and linework around them. An egg with a purple background, and a star shape in the middle, alternating orange and striped purple, which the unfinished egg turned into. An intricately patterened egg, with many red and yellow diamonds, and a general star design to the egg. One of the earlier flower eggs, with large, reaching leaves and purple flower heads coming from stems. The other flower egg, showing smaller petal flowers, with a flowing leaf and red petal design. An egg with red and white linework, and wheat sheaves in the middle of the sides. An egg with black linework and coloured squares, as though a rubik's cube had been stretched into the shape of an egg.
The house in Landmark, on the side of an easter egg, with blue sky and red tops and bottoms of the egg, giving the names Zilberfeld and Red Rose.Showing the trees on the way to grandma's place on the side of the egg, with birds in the sky and a bear in the trees.
Showing Grandma's house and barn, with birds overhead, and the church down the road.The curch and forest, leading into wheat, and back to the house in Landmark.
The top of the egg, showing Zilberfeld, and a green and orange star arrangement.The bottom of the egg, showing Red Rose, and a petal flower arrangement.
A closeup of the house in Landmark, with the three main windows, and the side door and driveway, overtop of a blue blanket knitted by my grandma.The egg rotated slightly, showing the car in the driveway, and a line of wheat representing a field.
Showing the garage, as though coming through the wheat from the other direction, the truck in the driveway beside it.The truck and the line of trees between the garage and the house, and showing the other half of the house, with the smaller bedroom windows.
The top of the egg, red with yellow lines in the design of a sun.The bottom of the egg, red with yellow lines, showing a linework flower and hearts.

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