Captain Jack Daniels - 2006 - 2014

My cat Jack, curled up on a computer chair.
This pouch is my reminder of and knowledge that Jack is waiting for me in Valhalla. Jack passed away on October 21st, 2019, a young cat barely age 9. He... got too sick, and I couldn't afford the medication. I cried for days, and cry periodically still. My son, the one that meant the most to me. Sugar I had when I was too young to grasp it, and had moved to my Aunt's place in Red Rose, Manitoba. Whiskey was Poochie's brother and went to live with my brother in Alberta. Jack... Jack was Nikita's sister, and was unfortunately taken from us early. Diabetes.

I miss that cat. Best cat I've ever known ❤

Those photo of him with Nikita are the last photos I have of them together. The other three are the last photos I have of Jack ❤
Jack, an orange tabby, and Nikita, a black and white tuxedo, cuddling together on the floor. Jack and Nikita inside of a box together, both looking out the small entrance of the unclosed flap. Jack standing in the livingroom, looking somewhat gaunt and scraggly. Jack standing on a table in the sun, looking happy. My last photo, Jack sitting in front of the keyboard on my desk, with the comic strip being made in the background.
He left me a stone. I buried him in St. Vital park in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at my favourite hammocking spot there. I visited it a few times over the years. Once, with my then-wife, and I found a rusty, open chainmaille ring at his site. A voice in my head (can't recall if I was spiritual then) asked me if I wanted to close it. I said no, he deserves to be free. I left the ring there, since I couldn't close it to wear it around my neck. I went and came back several more times, and on my second-to-last visit, on a spring day (April 12, 2018), he left me this stone, a lodolite-included quartz in a teardrop shape, that appears to have come from a wall decoration. It was sitting on the log right about where I liked to sit when visiting and talking to him up in Heaven. Oh my very last visit, January 1st, 2019, I left him a tetra orb as a gift in return.

I've since found this leather pouch at the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival on February 16, 2019, and soon got the idea to put my Jack stone inside. I've since also included a cross originally when he is with God, and now a crow since he is with Odin, and a playtoy for him. At first a tiny chainmaille ball inside of a glass tube, then a chainmaille heart, and then a small feather on a string toy.

I spoke with Jesus a lot, when he was in Heaven, being watched over by him there. When I became Pagan, Jesus talked with Odin, and they transferred Jack over to my new afterlife, Valhalla. The clairaudient thing, so like I was able to talk with Jesus (and I still do, don't worry there lol, I talk with everyone), and hooked Him up with Odin, and they like swapped him over there and now my cat is waiting for me in Valhalla there. Lol, spirituality, eh?

In Valhalla he's still living in a town of sorts, kinda wandering around and accepting food from whoever. A town cat. And that's where he's waiting for us now ❤

His bag has become a medicine bag now too, since October 2019. Y'see, it was originally called my "Jack bag", before I used it as a medicine bag as well. And that was fine for a bit, but then like... situations came up where people asked me what it was, and it didn't feel right to call it that, since locals would be expecting me to say medicine bag. And I was in pretty constant contact with the Cree Ancestors, so we realized that we had to come up with a solution for that. So we added a medicine bag aspect to it, and then I could answer everyone in a way that left everyone happy, and well y'know, I'd have a medicine bag with me, so that worked out! So now you know a little bit more about the history of this thing ^_^

His toys have changed a bit over the years too. It started as a tiny chainmaille ball in a tube, related to the gift I left him when I visited him once, at his grave site. Then a chainmaille heart, representing my love for him, which I also left at his grave site, on another visit. My third toy is a tiny feather on a string for him to play with. I've played with him spiritually with it, feeling him bat after it.

After the Valhalla thing, we swapped the cross for a Pagan crow, the first crow that I made actually, and a piece of rock from a sweatlodge was put in there as well (wrapped because it's crumbly), a blessing from the Elder. So that travels with me too. Also the tobacco has been loosely placed in there now, just better.

It's wonderful, this gift. Thank you so much Spirits, it means the world to me that he is waiting for me ❤
A clear and white polished rock sitting on Kabutroid's knee, with snow in the background. The rock, sitting on a brownish orange countertop. The stone, a cross, and a tiny bottle with a little chainmaille ball inside above a leather, fringed pouch. The rock sitting on top of the leather bag close up. The cross, rock, and glass bottle sitting on top of a beaded coaster. The rock, sitting beside a chainmaille heart, and the cross on a wooden desk. The pouch, cross, rock, and this time a little feather toy on a string, the next toy for Jack. The string, rock, and cross on a desk, just showing them off. THe contents, and also a little pouch of tobacco for the medicine bag, when I started calling it this. It could always have been called a medicine bag, if not its original make, but also because it made me feel better, having it on me. It was my medicine. But anyways, this is when I started calling it a medicine bag in public, since everyone was calling it that, so we made it official. The pouch with string toy, Pagan crow, the Jack stone, a sweatlodge rock, and a little pile of tobacco are sitting on an offwhite blanket. The string and feather toy is in the shape of a heart.
Below is nearly every photo ever taken of Jack. I love him so much, I'm glad that I can use this website to back up as much of him as I can. You were a beautiful cat Jack, I'll see you again some day ❤
Kitten Jack playing with Raistlin on the kitchen floor, by the fridge door. Jack cramming his head under the fridge door to try to get at a treat. The three cats, Nikita, Jack, and Raistlin, eating from bowls beside eachother. The three of them around and on a cardboard box, and playing with a cardboard scratcher on the ground. Kris holding up Jack, inside of a small paper bag. Jack still in the paper bag, and Kris holding him up again. A picture of Jack and Raistlin looking about to go, and the video is of them wrassling on the carpet, and the word video. Jack nuzzled into Nikita's paws on the green couch. A further away pic of Jack nuzzled into Nikita. A picture of Kabutroid playing with Jack with a string, and the word video. THe video is of the cat all tangling with the string on the couch and stuff. Nikita and Jack on the cat tree, beside the TV to the left, and a lamp and plants to the right. A video link, showing Jack climbing up the cat tree. The cats are being enticed to climb up the cat tree with a laser pointer. Jack drinking from a glass of water on the computer desk. Another pic of Jack drinking water, a Pom juice contaner is holding loose change, and a keyboard and mouse are in the foreground. Jack sitting on the carpet, looking up at me, the light reflecting in his eyes making them glow. Jack curled up on a black rotating computer chair, looking like a big orange ball. ANother angle of Jack on the chair, more top-down, all smiling with his paws all almost touching eachother. Jack inside a paper bag sitting on the carpet. My friend Justin with Jack inside of his backpack. Jack sitting partially on the computer desk, partially on Kabutroid's closed chainmaille supplies kit. Jack sitting like a human, on his rump against the corner of the wall, just looking at me. Jack on a red chair in a linoleum kitchen, with four oranges balanced on his back. Kabutroid holding Jack in a forest, with a leash running from Jack to her arm, Kabs is in blue with a bandanna, and Jack is looking curiously and bright eyed into the distance. Jack looking around, while Kabutroid holds him up, the forest behind them. A sign saying 'white tailed deer', and Kabutroid standing so that it is pointing at Jack. We didn't get any pictures while he was 'in' the forest I'm afraid, we were too much in the moment for that one. Kabutroid laying on a couch, with Jack curled up in her legs, looking somewhat identical. Kabutroid and Jack huddled up inside of a little mini blue cat tent, set up in a hardwood livingroom. Kabutroid in pyjama pants sitting on the couch reading, and Jack curled up in her legs, with Nikita in the background. Jack, sitting on the kitchen chair, as we set the table. Jack on the couch with a blurry face, because he turned it just as I took the picture. A closeup of Jack, showing the capsule pendant, a bit of the chainmaille collar, and Jack looking smug. Jack all relaxed and laying on a green picnic table in a park, with chainmaille work being done in the foreground, and a leash leading to him to be safe. A frame of a video, of a gopro attached to Jack's collar. Kabutroid turns the gopro on, and then you see the cat walk down the hallway, into the kitchen, and then back to Kabutroid now in the couch, where she takes it and turns it off. A bit of clacking, as the gopro touched the ground. There is a lot of clacking, I apologise. Jack sitting in a bathroom with a closed door, looking up at it, and then the door suddenly opened, and Jack rushing down the hallway towards the food dish, that Kabutroid is leading him towards. A collar-cam video of Jack on a kitchen table, looking around at the friends in the livingroom, and watching the people walk around. He then gets up, sniffs someone's shoes, then continues down the hallway, around the corner and into the computer room, with bicycles mounted on the wall. Jack slowly follows back into the hallway, meets Nikita on the way, then rests there. He then rushes off at the sound of a treat bag, and proceeds to go after a scattering of squishy kibble treats across the floor. After the treatscattering, Jack goes and checks out the blue food bowl nearby, and eats some of the wet gooshyfood, where the video ends. Another treat cam. Jack stars in the hallway, and runs up to chase treats that are on the ground, being launched by a little tiny catapault toy that Kabutroid is using. Jack with a pink food treat on the ground in front of him, and Nikita looking to try to snag it. Jack laying on the wooden floor, and Nikita laying so her head is on his belly. Jack on a leash, on grassy park ground, looking around. Jack laying asleep under a green picnic table in a park, on the general dirt and park chips that are there. Jack looking up from his nap, towards me. Jack walking toward the camera, I wanted a few more photos of him walking. Jack coming towards me with a patch of trees in the background. Jack standing on the grass, with trees as a backdrop. Jack coming up towards me in the grass. Jack now close to the camera, in the grassy park. Jack looking gaunt, and as if he was old, tv and stuff in the background. Jack standing on the computer desk, with the sun from the window behind him. Jack on the computer desk, with the computer screens, the last photo that I have of Jack. A pink cat-shaped candle burning on a stand, on the corner of a livingroom cabinet.
These are all of the photos that I have of Nikita, Jack's sister. She was a lovely girl, silent, a bit aloof, but friendly and lovable. Good fighter too, in the right mood! A lovable cat, that stayed with a lovable woman, Laura. May she keep Laura company for all of her days ❤
Nikita, standing like a silly behind a paper airsoft target. Nikita looking at some filled shotglasses, on a table with a glass board game of shotglass snakes and ladders. The cat standing up on the game board, and looking closer at one of the creamier shots. Nikita inside of an air gun, a toy that makes a little burst of air travel across a room, sitting on a carpet. Jack inside of the same air cannon, looking at the camera. Nikita sitting beside the pillowtroid pillow that Kabutroid made. Another photo of Nikita beside the pillowtroid, on the carpet. Nikita inside of a whiskey box, being played with by a guest. Nikita and Jack on the cat tree, between the tv and plant stand. Nikita beside two piles of fur on the hardwood, one pile orange and the other black and white. The same thing from above, but this time with the black and white pile being much bigger. Nikita standing in front of the neon blair witch sign that Kabutroid had made. Nikita meeting a brand new cat, a friend's cat, underneath a bed. Nikita sitting on a dark wooden shelf, between the side and a wooden chest. Nikita curled up on the computer desk, overtop of a pile of papers and books. Nikita curled up beside a cardboard box, with a nintendo wiimote tucked into her paws. A meme photo, Snack cat is displeased, and Nikita is inside of a cardboard box for the aero chocolate bar, with her head sticking out a door in the front, a meme from my friend. Nikita laying on top of a stereo, with her paws hanging off on either side of it. A closer picture of Nikita laying with her arms over either side of the stereo. Nikita somewhat tucked inside of an oranges box with multiple holes in the lid, and her face and bits of fur are poking out of them. Nikita and Jack in a cardboard box together, and them both looking out through the lid opening. A video of Nikita being brushed with an undercoat brush for a while.
And finally, we have Raistlin, their long lost sister. Nikita and Raistlin were adopted at the same time, while Jack came several weeks later. Raistlin was my friend Night-Red's cat, who ended up being unable to keep her, and she moved to several different homes after. Raistlin was wonderful, shy, a big ball of floof, and cute as a button ❤
Raistlin sitting on the carpet net to a dark couch, with the brick wall behind, just looking pleasantly in a direction. Raistlin trying to curl up in way too small and thin of a box, and it collapsing under and around him, and he has a pleased look on his face.

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