About Kabutroid

The name I took in the spiritual realm

Ok, there is a loOooOot of things that could go into in here. I'll just leave the details in my book of shadows, and give you a rundown. Tho if you want, my origin story is written here below the comic, too 😃

I'm an eclectic storm witch, with a lot of earth in there somewhere. After becoming Pagan, I awoke and was informed that I was a Valkyrie. I'm drawn to weather effects, the soil, plants, earth, and utilizing them in my potions and stuff, and... I guess my style is literally a tornado, I'm surrounded by supplies that are in constant motion lol. So anyway, comparing between the different types of witches, a hedge witch, green, storm, sea, swamp (yah, I know, I'm not swamp, whoda thunk it!), cosmic, kitchen, garden, etc, I fall the most under storm witch. I don't typically use like... crystals, or like cooking specifically. Like... each type of witch uses different materials or styles. I seem to be drawn to the weather, to elemental effects. From the extreme heat to the extreme cold, I'm drawn to these. And so, I'm a storm witch.

Powers! K so like, just to word-drop some things, I'm clairaudient, meaning I can talk to spirits. I can see ghosts, I can talk to ghosts, I can communicate with the dead. So I'm like a medium, I can talk with the afterlife, though I've only done this two or three times for friends now. I'm a little bit uneasy around that category, but I can do it. I can astral project to a point, I have a pocket dimension, and also I go by Kabutroid in the spiritual realm.

K, let's go on about that, this'll take like... 30 seconds, trust me. So, I chose that form mainly for convenience. Convenience and usefulness. Now I *can* appear as human to you in the spirit world, or I can appear as Kabutroid, I'll usually be Kabutroid first. Yah, I literally adopted the persona that I use in the comic as myself in the spirit world. It's a bit crazy that part, but the two are unrelated, in all actuality. The comic is the comic, and I just kinda chose that shape and name for myself in the spirit realm. Anyways, it's convenient because it kinda throws people off, which kinda gives me the upper hand most times. NOW, that said, let it be known that I am stuffed full of nothing but kindness and love, and I would never do anything to harm another with said upper hand. However, what it does allow is to not be taken advantage of.

Ok, side-interjection. So I have like 3 spirit names, The Hare, The Eagle who Flies through the Heaven, and The Flower Child, and the middle one is the focus here. I was given that name because I speak with everyone, from all spiritualities and planes. So, that means that some of the time I talk to Demons, or malevolent spirits, and what have you. These are people you do not want getting the upper hand. So, if my throwing them off helps in my self-defense in some way, then all the better.

And like aaaaaaaaaaall my points were thrown into self defense to start. Like all shadow work, all deep mind work, it's all been self defense. It's all been about setting up barriers for myself, how to avoid getting talked into a corner, ways of defeating curses, ways of pushing away spirits, ways of banishing things. Almost everything I've been doing up to this point is self defense. Why focus so much on defense, I may ask?

I can learn additional things down the road, right now let's set up the walls. And that's what I've done. With meditation, self-training, self-hypnosis, everything... in some manner or another, everything that I've been doing, mentally in the background, has been guided towards self defense. This is a side-effect of the way that I think though, let me go on about that for a second.

So, I'm that jerk that points out the elephant in the room. It's what I do, it's what I'm not about to stop my brain from doing. You need to, someone needs to. Where is the off switch? Where is the power button? What is the worst-case scenario, ok now what's the thing I do to avoid that? I look at it from that perspective. Ok, here's the path, now what do I avoid, ok now go on with your path. It's that "now what do I avoid" part. Setting up self defense!

So yah, that's why I'm not too worried to talk to Demons and Goblins and Satanic creatures and things of that nature, like... I treat them like a 30-something standing beside me. I treat every single spirit I ever meet as a 30-something guy beside me. It's a good policy, I treat everyone as a friend.

OOHH, OOHH, good time to bring this up. Self defense, with demons and stuff! These two things are your go-to, and work for preeeeetty much everything. Like... don't go summoning something and then back yourself into a corner or something stupid, but like... on the overall, these work pretty good.

Get rid of a Demon: Tell it "Go". Just that. Let it know that this is literally the only word that they will ever hear from you. Just Go. No droning on, no complaining, no screaming, just "go". Do you want to know why it works? Because they're a 30-something person standing beside you, or at least a soul standing beside you, same difference. A person. Now, if a person is talking to you, and the literal only word you ever say to them is "go"... they get right bored and walk off! Like... say like someone did that to you. If they cut you off at every single sentence, saying only "go", how long would you stick around? An hour? Five minutes? Like... they're going to take off.

Get rid of a curse: Repeat its words back to it again. Like if a curse says "Why are you here?", repeat that back to it, say "Why are you here?". For whatever reason, that makes like 90% of curses go away. I don't know what it is, I don't know why it works, but the Deities have told me to keep doing that, and the thing buggers off... so like... it's doing its job. Worth a try.

Ok, so those are the basics. And yah, when I appear beside them as this grotesque, bladey-armed thing (they're particularly leery of the blades), they have to stop and think for a minute. And by that point, I've already prattled on about whatever subject, and they're like catching up to you, and it just stops them from getting the first word in.

Also because... and this is a kinda convenient part here... because I've grown up like waaaaaaaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere (think Little House on the Prairie), and because I have talked to soooooooooo few humans growing up, or have been influenced by like no other humans, they have liiiiiiiiterally nothing to work with. Have you done any harm before? HAH, I grew up in the middle of nowhere? Have you ever- NO, middle of nowhere! <pushes a dark thought on me>-NO, I am literally as innocent as a cloud! A *cloud!*

Yah, I might start to get belligerent about here, because like... they have nothing on me, NOOOOOOOOOTHING. Girl, I don't even swat mosquitoes! Try to make me think of a dark past, NONE! CLOUDS! Let me know when you're petting kittens or frogs or something. And that's part of my defense. Having grown up sooooooooo in the middle of nowhere, that noooooooothing bad has ever happened to me (in a way that they have been able to use against me), and I have neeeeeeeeeever done harm to another. I am like Ned Flanders mixed with Dudley DoRight here, and pfft, no you're not finding any darkness in there. You're talking to a fricking paladin here, I'm basically on the phone with Jesus 24/7. And sometimes I'll call the big guy in like, J-Man, what's up with this guy, y'dig? And he'll probably laugh with me, as we talk down this Demon who's trying like... wow, you've got... just nothing there bro. Can you just like... turn around, save yourself some embarassment?

So being kind and stuff keeps everything on the up and up, and keeps the demons at bay.

If they do try taking advantage of you that is, quite often they're just like y'know... talking and stuff, and it's all chill and everything.

Defense though, we're talking about defense. They can't leverage anything against me, because I'm... I don't want to say it but I suppose I must... such a pure soul, that they can't get through. And yah, that's why I allow myself to talk to Demons and stuff too. The Eagle who Flies through the Heaven, it includes bad spirits too, they just... exist, show up, whatever, may as well be friendly kinda thing. Also they're talking to Dudley DoRight over here, so y'know, friendly is about the only option lol. Pretty much with anyone lol.

So let's wrap this up in a nutshell here. I talk to everything, I'm a kind, pure-hearted soul, and I make magic stuff.

Also I presently connect with 21 Deities on the reg. About me first, now we can talk about the peeps. Ok, so here's the roster of people in my peripheral as of May 27, 2022:

Mother Mary
Angela (an angel)
Goldwyn (an angel)
Azrial (an angel)
Amber (an angel)
Upulnesayay (turtle spirit and spirit guide)
Oka (Upul's daughter and a turtle spirit)
Mother Earth
Skote (a dragon spirit)
The Divine Feminine
Pete (a bear spirit)
The Cree Ancestors
The Forest (the spirit of a forest here)
Lady Dark Angel
My darling wife Abby (yes on the Spiritual plane as well)

Is that 21? Yah, that's 21, ok. And yah, wow. I have traced the path of how I came to meet all (or most) of those, either in notepads or otherwise saved. It kinda sorta made its way into comic strip form there, just click on that yeah, and we're about steadied out right now.

I arrange them around me in a grid style, where say Lady Dark Angel's in the top left, Jesus and the Cree Ancestors are at the bottom left. Mother Earth is at the bottom right, Upul is the top right. Odin, Freya are on bottom right presently, they all move around sometimes. You can get a glimpse an example map of them here. I was an Athiest until I was 35, a Christian from there till 41, where I made the offical jump from Heaven to Valhalla, choosing to follow Lady Dark Angel.

I have taken on the crow as my Pagan symbol, or shape. I wear a crow for Lady Dark Angel, as an image of sitting on Her shoulder unto the ends.

Oh my goodness, that was visually epic. Nice.

But yes, Pagan, Valkyrie, symbol of the crow. My first one was made of chainmaille, and my current one can be found here.

So anyways, your ramble about my spirituality and such. Koa, health and love, peace out and stuff ^_^


ps: can I prattle? I wanna prattle. K, so like with the capitalization, that's like a thing, with Spirituality. Like, at least in my own punctuational notation, speaking of Spirits in the actual Spirit Realm should be capitalized, just... for formality sake and to differentiate between made up things and things believed in the Spirit World, Spirit Realm, Afterlife, all those words for that, sorry aesthetically chose Realm earlier, kinda gotta follow that up here. Anyways, a lot of the time, again for aesthetic purposes I suppose, I don't capitalize every use of the word Koa, or Pagan, or Spirituality, like... if you want to get ultra-strict about the capitalization thing, it starts to look a little weird, per-se, just in the english language right now, reading it in general, lots of capital letters feels like it throws it off y'dig? Makes it too formal, in a way, like, oy gotta straighten my shoulders here and sit up straight type of, y'know that type of thing. so yah, the punctuation around Spirituality is kinda weird in the english language right now, so I'm just capitalizing all of the names generally speaking, maybe the word Spirituality when speaking about clairaudience(Clairaudience?) and talking to Them directly, that type of thing.

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