Kabuto 2020

Nobody expected it

The Kabuto event
The Kabuto 2020 event

Nobody saw it coming

It was an uneventful day to that point, a steady stream on twitter, pleasantries all round. A glow surrounded the area, and serenity

It began as a wailing beginning out of nowhere. A beautiful atmosphere had been set. What was this, c'mon?

Five minutes, ten minutes later. What's going on here.

A scream. Several more. The wailing hasn't stopped.

20, 30 minutes, the wailing is still happening.

What had happened? A lot of evil was gone now, a lot of it. Whatever this was, it removed evil.

It was still wailing

30, 40 minutes, it is still screaming. Occasionally more high pitched screeches.

55 minutes it has to be, 57

Did it end? I think it ended.


I may have got stigmata

It healed, but I may have lost some of my leg hair. It seems like this event lost me some of my leg hairs. I have no idea why and I am not even questioning it. What's that there little body, y'got this with yer blood cells and stuff, yeah, just kinda take care-yeah, there ya go, that's the stuff there. There ya go little girl.

And yah, it healed up, so that's done.

The event: December 02, 2020

It became the legend of Kabuto.

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