The miniature dice bag

Eeeeeeeeeeeee, it's so cute!

A red miniture dice bag beside bronze miniature dice.

Just a short little writeup for these little guys. I wanted some tiny dice to fit inside of my harrow bag, and so, I ordered teensy tiny dice off of Etsy, and set out to make a teensy tiny dice bag for them. That fits inside of the harrow bag, should dice be needed with a draw, eeeeeeeehehehehehehehehehehe.

Also, the dice roller fits inside with a pencil and eraser when it's time for campaigns and stuff :D

Created December 2021

The set of 7 little tiny ancient bronze coloured 5 millimeter dice from Etsy, arranged around the tip of my finger, with a little pouch for them sitting open beside. A view of the pouch's opening, from the top down. By the drawstring, several 'handles' are sewn into the fabric to give you a gripping point to be able to pull it open. The closed pouch, with the dice inside, sitting all tiny like on several fingers.

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