The Harrow Deck of Many Things

EEEEEEEEEEhehehehehehehehe, a card or two, should you

EEEEEEEEEhehehehehehehehe, tell me adventurer, would you like to draw a card? What future will it unfold, a vast fortune could await.
Have a peek, my dear, and draw a card, or three.
What adventure will you unfold, EEEEEEEEEEEEhehehehehehehehehehehe

So, this, this I have been wanting to make for a while now. The Deck of Many Things, or the Harrow Deck of Many Things, both are incredible. Both have been called the campaign killer, but hear me out. K so like... y'know, it's not uncommon that a person is getting tired of playing X character. Soooooo... how's your luck feeling today? And otherwise it's a funsie, a like 'yah no ha ha, but k like for funsies, do you want to see what you *would* have gotten? Me being the lawful good type generally leans them towards that direction lol. And I'm not sure how overall rare it is that someone has made a physical copy of the Harrow Deck, as a physical copy of this version cannot be purchased. So what happened is, I bought the actual Harrow deck from Paizo, and it arrived as the regular tarot deck from Pathfinder. The Many Things part had to be created *cackle*

I set out about copying the list of effects from d20pfsrd (linked above), and popping them into Kolourpaint of all the things, and I will explain why. I wanted to be able to have the font as big as I could, so that when I printed it shrunk down, the letters would all be crystal clear. The source files are all here, if you would like to print your own, please have at it.

The box came second actually. For the card itself, I wanted the list of item curses on the back of it (for easy convenience *cackle*), and I determined that the full list of many things would be too unreadably small when shrunk down to that size. To give credit to Staples, when I *did* try (see last source file, bottom right), it was actually readable, but not by like any human ability. Like... it *was* readable, but oh her goddess you need to get that right into your face to actually... anyways, the letters were legible, but too small. So anyways, I had also prepared having the main list split into two pages (the back of the first page to be doodled on when the mood strikes), which was far more readable. So we went with that. The Item Curses I taped onto the one side, the easy part, and then for the 'paged' section, I taped 80% of the second page down to the card (I should add, the card that I taped over is the 'created by paizo, etc etc' small print card, so that works well. It had the borders on it, and I was covering up both sides anyway. So I taped over 80% of the second page there, then put tape on the underside of the last bit, used that to make the back of the hinge for the two pages and taped the first page onto there, and then proceeded to double-side the first page with tape, as well as finish taping down the rest of the first page, so that the hinge is essentially taped down to the card. It works well, and I folded over all tape corners so there's about 8mm of overlap over the edges. Using proper storage tape fwiw lol.

The box I wanted to leave as much of it as possible not tape-covered, so we managed that with the front and sides, which looks amazing. It started as that double-wide half-deck thing, so I disassembled that, folded the cover around one of the cards centered on the logo there, and then folded the sides back. Also, I added in an extra piece of cardboard to the deck when sizing this up, to give it room to let the cards slide out. The front perfectly folded around to the back (a little bit askew from center, due to where the logo was, which I think adds to the bizarre, off-kilter nature of the Harrow deck), and a handful of cards from the back of the original package fit inside the remaining gap... that that looks amazing. I kinda played with the tongue of the box, since I had to create that from scratch, so I kept little bits of cardboard from the original front, and incorporated that into there giving it teeth in a way, and the off-kilter way that it kinda says Harrow twice there now *cackle*

And I like how it came out. I have a full-page version of the list in there too, just because maybe (to pass around the table maybe, once covid is over), and yeah, it came out really good. Lol, I left the side flaps long and jointed as well, because it just looks unsettling *cackle*

So I am pleased. The Harrow Deck of Many Things.

Draw a card my sweet, see what the future has in store for you, EEEEEEEEEEEheheheheheheheheheeee



Although this does now leave the door open for the Harrowing Curse 🤣

Now with bag 😃

May 8, 2021

Perform a Harrow / The Harrowing spell / A Many Things draw / Dat Curse

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Additional quotes:

Most any card could do you well, so have a break and sit a spell. One card or three, what shall it be *cackle*

Goodness deary, some help you need. Take a card, and see what it be.

One or two, these cards are for you. Let's see what treasure you take *cackle*

Throw the dice will you, a card is in your future, EEEEEEEEEhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

One card or two my sweet, what shall we draw? A good one a bad, oohh let's take them all.

Would you like a change in forture my dearie, take a card, and see what fate shall bring.

A card or three, whatever it be, take my dear take, and see what comes.

One card or two, how many for you. Goodness, a wonderful sight we may see tonight.

A card for you my sweet? A wonderful adventure tonight, perhaps another adventure to come!

One card or three, please, take, take. One can never have too much luck, EEEEEEEEEhehehehehehehehehehehehe

One card or two, and one for you, how many will it be my pretties *cackle*

A spell, a thing, a wonderous item, who knows what could arise. All you need is to draw but one.

ps: Yah I gotta say it, all for funsies, don't harm anyone, I would like... say these cackley lines (because they just come to mind and they are *gold*), but like... I would have to be all *lawful lucy* over here and be like "k no, don't actually take one if you wanna... y'know... keep playing this character and stuff, this is for like... if you wanna maaaybe roll a new character, you just thought of a druid you like and stuff. Or like wth, let's see what this does to our campaign, up-end it and see where it goes kinda thing. Yah no, me being me, I'd make them draw one for funsies. But the cackling though, you gotta cackle.

My best witch's cackle lol, and all of the cards laid out