The D&D / Paizo / L5R logo mashup

I dunno, I guess I just wanted to post this somewhere more than just a sub-link in the dice roller page lol. Also, it looks pretty cool.

I was in the crab clan, that's why the d&d logo has the crab mon tattoo. Sushi, to be specific. I guess if we want to gather all of the characters together, there's her, the eponymous Kabutroid, who actually got a pet pseudodragon later in her travels :D, and Raven Facebiter as the presently last major character I've played.

Check the AD&D page for updates to that list. I've played a handful of other characters, but the veeeeery very first was a Hiruma crab scout named Kabu.

Drawn February 27, 2022

The Dungeons and dragons and Paizo logos combined, the left half being primarily the 'and' symbol from d and d, and the right half being the golem symbol from Paizo. The five circles from Legend of the 5 rings are lightly drawn behind them The Legend of the 5 rings circles are drawn in, with the d and d / paizo logo appearing overtop of them The 'and' symbol from d and d now has a crab symbol tattoo from legend of the five rings, on the bottom left of the and symbol

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