Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Page

Box-Art Contains scannings of the game box (front and back), cartridge top, instruction manual, and the instructions themselves (.txt format)
Enemies Contains screenshots, the single sprites, and information on every foe in the game.
Non-Enemies Contains sprites and info of all weapons, armour, containers, treasure, and any other miscellaneous things found in the game.
Walkthrough A walkthough for how I personally find it easiest to avoid dying, and finish the game. A typical walkthrough, in typical walkthrough format (.txt).

Other D&D type items

Legend of the Five Rings stuff!
Kabs' first DM experience
D20 holder
D&D/Paizo/L5R logo mashup
Deck of Many Things
*original* Deck of Many Things o_o
Harrow Deck of Many Things
Tarot of Many Things
Deck of hazards
Deck of Illusions?
Harrow bag(s)
The dice collection
Dice roller
d100 magic item table
Giant chonk
The cube!
Simon and Lotus

Character sheets:
L5R: Hiruma Kabu
L5R: Su sh i (main page)
My very first D&D character sheet: Kabutroid
The long-lost characters
Raven Facebiter (YouTube playlist)
Mountain Dance

Play a little RPG:
Lost House 3
THE WINDMILL - Lost House 4

Link to: Random Stuff


The Forest Came to Life - a level 20 one-shot

A cute lil gazer, a creature with four eye stalks coming from its heads and one central eye with an X shaped pupil
Bordered grey square that says 'summon gazer'

This is Khorgah, a friendly fellow. He and his pet gazer Akthul keep an eye on things here.

A strange sort of creature, Khorgah is not quite like other beholders, in that his central eye has been replaced with that of a Nothic. He thus seeks knowledge rather than anything else, and so when not around, his pet Akthul is off seeking tomes for his perusal.

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