Hiruma Kabu

The Crab Scout

Hiruma Kabu, Crab scout
My very first big character was Hiruma Kabu, in Legend of the Five Rings, fourth edition. Hiruma scout. It was a Hero module of some sort, several of them, I can't recall an entire amount about them, it was about 7 years ago, 2015, and I was new to this. We were defending the Kaiu wall from the Shadowlands, Jack gave me some pointers. The first character I ever played I guess was a Scorpion that Jack let me try, mainly just to get used to the system and what means what and stuff, and I think to also teach me how to think outside the box I think. Anyways, I looked through the clans and went with Crab for mine.

I recall a handful of shenanigans as Kabu, hiding out in trees and archery. Kyujutsu and Kenjutsu. I'd have a Hiruma Mon tattoo if I could, Crab clan, if that was socially appropriate for me, I dunno maybe some way somehow. Anyways, Hiruma origin, Crab clan fo lyfe yo! I've played a handful of other clans too to be fair, but I've aways liked the Crab clan. Hold back da bad guys, I like that. And then my next character will be a big ol' axe swinger like Sushi, but Crab clan, and also a big ol' greatsword. Also a big ol' wall, plans here, *thank you Daimyo Tadaka*. Currently goes by the name The Wall. May or may not be related to The Warrior.

Kabu though, yeah you can see where the name came from lol. Good at archery, good at sneak. Generally just kinda followed the others around and did what they said lol, it was a good time. Got me into the game ^_^

Created in 2015, documented here on May 22, 2022, nice!

The Hiruma clan mon, a castle wall with a tower

The Crab clan mon, in blue, a crab stamp facing towards the upper-left

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