Sushi's cup cozy

For drinking in Rokugan

A tea and sake cup holder.
Made entirely while streaming online. Back in 2017, I was regularly livestreaming (before all kinds of life changes happened, making that more difficult), and this eclectic little item was one of the things created. It's janky, it's clumsy, it's Sushi. This is her cup cozy. A small knitted rectangle with the word hi lightly sewn into it with pink yarn, and text saying still a work in progress.
This was made entirely while streaming online, from cutting up the shirt to the finished product :D

I mention that it's for drinking in Rokugan because they've been painted with the clan mons from that world. If you're curious about who I play, as of making this (Jan. 2017), I play a character named Sushi (my last character was Kuraido. My poor set of cups (the Scorpion and a Crab one, for sake and tea) have been kinda clacking around in my bag in the pocket that they're sitting in though, and I worry that they'll chip or break. There was really no ideal solution to this (trust me, there was problems or minor nuisances no matter which other pockets I tried separating them into), but then knitting came along. A SOFT, FUZZY MATERIAL! It would work perfectly :D. These cups were robbed of their protection the first time, but I was determined to get it eventually!

The shirts used were the Year of Luigi and Rubik's cube shirts of olde :)
A teacup cozy in black and blue, with the first few letters S U S H on the front, and the two cups removed from it, all of it laying on a crocheted rug.
After a little bit of trial-and-error to fold it together and place where I wanted the closure flaps (I haven't quite figured out how to weave them in non-seperately), I found an ideal way of connecting the latch scales. Once I had it built to be able to hold the cups perfectly, it now needed some decoration. I obtained a few pieces of yarn from my friend of various colours to work with, and wove the name 'Sushi' into the side. She's a low-int character who loves fuzzy things, so this seemed like a very Sushi thing to do :P. Also, it's practice for when I'm adding lettering for my Patreon supporters :D.

Once that was complete, I found that I had a length of green yarn left, and felt it a shame to let it go to waste. I decided to use the remainder of that yarn to put a smiley face in the remaining blank space on the cozy. It works out kinda, since now while one side says 'Sush' due to space constraints, but the other said says 'I :)'.

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Made January 2017
The other side of the cozy with it being full and closed, with the I visible, and a frog-like smiley face.

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