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Kabu-Galag, thri-kreen warrior

Kabu-Galag! My Thri-Kreen warrior. I'm not sure how or when it came up that I wanted to make a thri-kreen, but for some reason I think it goes back years and years. I'm not sure how I would have heard about it long ago or where, but then, an announcement was made in 2021, that the Thri-Kreen would return to D&D. I saw. I gasped. And I waited. I have no idea how I would have learned of this species beforehand, but I mean camman just look at Kabutroid this is basically my thing straight-off. So I dunno if I'd seen pictures of 'em beforehand or if the green spikemonster in me just immediately latched on, but we had to make a thri-kreen.

So (lemme just take you through the whole mental process, it's fresh still), I didn't really want to make a sword swinger at first (who'da thought), and that's why I specced them into wizard. Like yah why not, I've never done wizard before, let's try that. And now like, we've got Raven kinda existing beside them, but much higher level, so I've gotta catch Kabu-Galag up. Now, like a whole pile of things were kinda all kinda all circling together here, I had bought the starter set to get a grasp of running a game, and setting up a one-shot (also where I got the epic levels book aw yeah I KEPT THE RECEIPT WOOOOH), and was also collecting d&d modules and stuff, and I was going to run all the characters through them. So, as Raven is too high level, Kabu-Galag! Let's run you through Phandelver and see what you get.

SO, taking a leave from your spelljammer, you go off in search of adventure, and find yourself near Neverwinter. You hear tell of a caravan, looking for guards. A simple offer, and you desire to do good. She took up the offer, and rode with the cargo. A calamity struck, and suddenly she found herself being attacked by bugbears, fighting off ruffians, and encountering a dragon?!? It was an epic adventure, where she found a cave once lost to the ages. Friends were made, and soon after, she sought adventure further. It was not long after leaving Phandelver that she came across a strange group of goblins, and a human with them. Friendly folk they were, with insects with them! A swarm of flies, and a gentle disposition, we quickly became friends. They were in search of adventure themselves, having just been sent with cheers from the tribe proper, to seek excitement and travel.

It's here that we find ourselves at this point, and Kabu-Galag and Raven and the Goblins run through a whole pile of modules, please watch the video series from this point onwards, for details of all of their adventures, and a few chuckles along the way. Peak story here (five episodes). Pinnacle laughter here.

SO, with the Iron Fortress saved, when not in wildspace, Kabu-Galag finds herself guarding the shop in Waterdeep, or alternately visiting her ant friends on Kolyoral.

Note: Her character sheet was changed slightly after the song-a-day recording of her epic level stats, when I learned that Fly was available to wizards at level 5, so I DM-changed it slightly to remove the last two levels of fighter and the Combat Caster feat to take her final levels in wizard to get Fly, which just makes infinitely more sense for her. Hello wielding 6 swords, without the need for Ajax to carry her around, as comical as that is. Tho to be fair, he still does when she's run out of spell slots lol.

Further adventures? Perhaps. Right now, she is a level 24 (technically level 29) fighter, who can blend with **97 slashes in a single turn**, and who guards the shop in her spare time. Don't worry, the goblins guard the place when she's not there. They take turns going to wildspace ^_^

** perfect multiweapon fighting + fly (or being carried) = 4 attacks with each of 6 swords, 24 attacks, + action surge 48 attacks, + rapid strike 72 attacks, + haste 96 attacks, + multiweapon rend's 1.5 attack damage!

Raven Facebiter

Early Kabu-Galag

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