The Forest Came to Life

A level 20 one-shot

The Forest Came to Life, a level 20 D&D one-shot adventure!

It spreads across the land, consuming the resources. A genius loci, it had been existing calmly in the forests, changing the landscape as it went in subtle ways. It had been named Garantus by the locals, and the elves had been keeping watch of it. On a day no different than any other it had seemed, the genius loci had begun to rampage, destroying the land and turning it to rubble. Whether by chance or not, it found the edge of the forest, after which it bee-lined towards the nearest village, devastating it, and growing rapidly as it consumed the resources. The elven rangers of the area, shocked at the sudden change, were simply powerless to stop it, or even slow it down.

It is now two city blocks wide, a mass of land, and behind it lay crumbling foundations and torn earth. No bones even remain after it passes, a feat that nobody can yet explain. Only shattered building remnants and ruined belongings lay in its wake. A military dispatch is on the way, but due to the wars, they are several weeks out. The town of Wendelwall, several miles from its current location, and it’s assumed next target, is where you find yourself. An emergency meeting has been called by the local officials, which yourself and several other high level adventurers had been asked to join, in order to bring peace back to the land.

An epic level 20 one-shot that I am planning. More details to follow, as well as full documentation once I learn and develop a system for recording my own setting.

A terrible thing has occured. Can you do something about it, brave adventurers.

August 13, 2022

A ragged-looking forest face, somewhat grey and imposing looking in tone

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