Early Kabu-Galag

Level 8, wooooooh!

Level 8 Kabu-Galag

Kabu-Galag, my Thri-Kreen wildspace warrior. She began as a wizard, learning conjuration and mystical things. She however felt soon after that her arms, more numerous than almost any creature she saw on Toril, would be better used for good with a sword in them. There was monsters rampant, attacks on villages, she had heard enough. Leaving the desert where she was born (though would continue visiting), she set out to learn the ways of the land, before returning to the skies. She fights for good wherever she goes, helps those in need, and yearns for adventure. Her first stop took her to the town of Phandalin, where she came into direct contact with these evil forces that she had heard so much about.

Level 8 Kabu-Galag, somewhat high levelled for a place such as Wave Echo Cave, but upon deciding that the wizarding life would take a backseat to her swords, she trained and fought in dual-wielding, bringing her fighter level up to level itself before tackling anything deeper. So aside from the town's ruffians, she spent days training in the forests, searching out bandits, or more often than not, fleeing from the innocent woodland creature encounters. She did train her sword and her shield though, learning to strike faster than ever. The overrun castle cleared and the mining cave recovered, she soon left Phandalin to seek further adventure. It was not long after leaving Phandalin that she met Raven.

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