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Raven Facebiter, of the Muckroot Tribe, a page of her character sheet.
A bit of an intro to Raven. Originally from the world of Golarion, a bizarre twist of reality saw her appear in the world of Toril, where she was found by circle of the swarm druids. She trained with them, but soon returned to her goblin way of life, and joined the Muckroot tribe. After a time, her tribesgoblins pushed her to adventure (see below), and she with several goblins went off in search of the cities.

Earlier level character sheet here

Pathfinder Raven here

Kabu-Galag here

Raven Facebiter. Such a curious past, from the top of a mountain she began. It was at an early age that this changed, she does not quite remember. But she remembers being in the mountains, when she was very young. And then she was in the swamps, and it almost seemed as though little was different, except that the sky had changed, and was full of trees. She grew with them, an unusual child. Different from the others, a tan skin, smooth, and round teeth. But they treated her as their own, and she grew with them. She had a hut in the swamp with them, raised on stilts. Her goblin friends played and enjoyed life.

And then, an adventure occured.

A strange thing happened though. She woke up in the forest, but everything was different. She had fleeting memories, of adventurers, just momentary flashes. A strange forest in a strange place. She didn't know what had happened. She groggily got up, and began to wander. She didn't travel too far though, before she was approached by several druids, asking if she was alright.

She knew her name, but little else. Everything was a haze. She appeared middle-aged, but had no memory of the past. Something had happened, and she hadn't the slightest idea what. A rift. Her goddess Ulaa had placed her here. She was needed in this place, somehow.

She had a few belongings with her though. Some simple adventuring gear, and a deck of cards in her pocket. A harrow deck, a curious thing, a divination tool, and also something more.

She stayed with the druids for a time, joining the circle of the swarm, and becoming a Swarm Keeper. But something was wrong, upon gaining more power and learning their wild shape abilities. For some unusual reason, she had only the ability to turn into mud, an ooze. A creature still, yes, but neither cats nor wolves nor mice could she. Somehow, she didn't belong there, but felt as though the mud was necessary, was intended.

She bid the druids a fond farewell, but her calling lay elsewhere. With many hearts, they bid her farewell, and wished her well in finding her place in the world. She returned to the goblins. She could still speak goblin, and the swamps called to her. She wandered, and looked for the wetlands.

The Muckroot Tribe, she encountered. A band of glorious dirt-goblins, who played in the mud and ate the natural ingredients. And her ability to turn into mud, they adored it! She introduced them to her swarm, and they quickly came to be friends. She stayed with them, and eventually became a tribe member. Though different, she blended right in, still the same. It was at about this time that rumours started, that something didn't seem right. She had been with them for several years, but she hadn't aged. They thought it strange, they thought it bizarre, but the more that time went on... she continued to not age. She became mystical, in a sense. Nobody knew why, she didn't know why. She became their healer.

She became the tribe healer, the unusual creature that didn't age. She outlived the tribeleader, all mourned his passing. The next one. She became their rock, their staple. The tribe healer. For two hundred years, she was their healer. Simple healing, to explain the part, she didn't level up as she felt no need to. She could cure their illnesses, she could use mending on their clothing. She cast guidance on them, and offered goodberries. She was a sorcerer and a druid, and a healer and a diviner. She told their fortunes, she gave out the occasional card, for what calamities it saw. The Muckroots were well. And then, she started to age.

Almost as though a repeat of from four lifespans ago, they began to look at her strange, and see something happening. Her skin was changing, she was aging. The tribe poked. The tribe pondered. And time went on. She stayed with them for several years still, almost as though nothing had changed. But then the goblins urged her to leave. To adventure. She had served the tribe for generations, countless spawn, blessing them all. They wanted her to adventure. Her age was changing, she was meant to as well. But she couldn't go alone. Nor did she want to, she was with her goblins! Much discussion and planning happened, less planning than gathering together a handful of supplies. Some ratroot and aged meat. Rope and hooks, we may be climbing! Axes and roots and packmeal and butter, the five of them went off. She was a sorcerer, and the goblins decided their classes. Ajax, the barbarian, Erin the cleric. Mask the rogue (though he didn't prefer the term much, it was more just the category type that fit their style, and so we use the term 'sneak' when referring to them). Mask the sneak, and Iago the fighter, ranged, to be fair. Though mostly. And so, they leveled, and we searched, and it wasn't long after this that we ran into another adventuerer
Kabu-Galag, a Thri-Kreen that apparently had her own wildspace ship! AND she was going to give us a ride!

Though, a bizarre loop of time (ie: Kabutroid reading it about a month ago, and then kinda whipping these characters through it now so we could continue on to Xaryxis), we stumbled across a harrow deck once more! At a carnival, in a town we passed by, A strange person with a nearly identical set of cards. We were pulled into the Deck of Harrowed Tales, a bizarre artifact, inside of which we needed to save a harrowed soul. We freed the pained creature, inside of this realm unto its own, after which we emerged, a bit harried ourselves, at the same location of that carvival. That deck now resides at Robin's Clericy actually, for safekeeping. Dangerous stuff in there, and they're keeping an eye on it. And so, The Harrowing (from Pathfinder, converted as best possible) complete, we continued on to Kabu-Galag's ship.

All sorts of madness happened, we met space pirates, we travelled to ancient temples, we saved towns and townhouses, and finally the material plane itself, by halting the completion of an ancient weapon by a terrible man in iron.

The story of all that madness runs from that link, over ten episodes. The gold of the series is from Frog Temple to the end, and the pinnacle of pinnacles is this episode. Watch this one if nothing else, this is one of those things where, as the artist, if I'm bringing this up this much, you know it's gold. That one, just MMMM, knocked that one out of the PARK! Yah if I bring it up that much you know it's gonna be epic, go watch it.

Continuing! The Goblins, Raven, Kabugalag, for a short time a poor lil guy with plane shift, and a whole big pile of ants ended the calamity that nearly overthrew Toril, and all was well once again.

Also we still visit the ants on the reg :D

Now level 26, (level 29 if you count the druid and bard levels), with the goblins alternately guarding the shop with Kabu-Galag, Raven and her wife run the little shop of trinkets and treasures, articles and artifacts, and a strange deck of cards that draws adventurers from far.

Will adventures continue? Of course they will, this character will (theoretically) be updated with the shop, whatever trinkets and trades she makes. As well, please see Dennis for any of your deck-related calamities, please enjoy the shop, and feel free to peruse the wares!

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