Aw crap Dennis, 'e pulled a bad one, get over here!

Because of course there's an NPC, I reasoned that I wouldn't be morally able to play with these cards, unless my DM canon didn't have a way of saving everyone.

So there's Dennis. A great healer of renown, his Goddess tasked him with being a great healer for the city, offering his services free of charge, and She would gift him the ability to cast Wish without fear of weakness, for it to be used to help others.

And then I moved into town.

So, how I call Dennis, is that my ear tears off from the side of my head (see Advanced Earsend), and flies off to find him at his usual home or office. It may comically bat against a door or window to be let out when it takes off, but off it goes in search of our beloved Dennis.

(it would shatter through a window in some dire circumstance. Also Dennis might just hear me. Aw shit, he was scrying? Who knew!)

Now, as luck would have it, and as natural response to my repeatedly calling him, he has at least four teleports prepped, or at least saved until needed, and a wish spell. So generally speaking, after my ear flies off for a little bit, Dennis appears in a puff of smoke, something comical happens, and he 'wishes that you had never drawn a card', and *poof*, we're back to before you drew the card, or as though you had never drawn it. And so the day is saved. Unless you're the second person to draw a bad card that day. At which point, Dennis works at the cleric's office two doors down from my shop, every Thursday. He lives in the north end tho, so I could give you his address too. Yah, Dennis knows what it means when a flying ear shows up at his door, it's all good. Also I could tie a note to it, that works too.

Also, my character happens to have a pile of Unicorn cards, which just happened to be sitting on a shelf in a cave, who knew! And yah, that's desperate times kinda thing, and also a lead-in to having printouts of those with something like 'I was saved from the ______ card with this' on the back, and have those available at faires and conventions and stuff, just to make sure I can save people and they don't get sad and stuff. Gotta be able to save 'em all lol.

But yah Dennis, he's the guy.

Tho all that said, I've also had the opposite, where when someone draws a card from the deck, they don't *want* to be saved. They drew from a deck of many things, and the consequences were accepted, they did not want to be cheesed into safety. And that's all fine and good too, it's up to them at that point.

But yah, I've got Dennis otherwise, he's good.