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December 2, 2023
Bonus comic below!
Also lots of short stories!

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I wanted three rings
Comic strip, full text is on comic's page

Kraid saying Zebeth, where I'm all awesome and stuff, and a first and home button. A yellow double arrow left button with a green border. A yellow house button with a green border. Samus jumping left Samus running left Samus crouching Samus upside down Kabutroid saying The story of my life, with a first and home button. A green double arrow left button with a chartreuse border. A green house button with a chartreuse border. Current Real Zebeth comic, click for direct page with text. A large blue bird with red frills.A large white dragon.

Blue tile border
Top of a Zeebetite
Metroid Generator

Large rocky ceiling creature with the letter B

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A floor creature mirrored to the ceiling with the letters P R J M

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A blue rocky structure that looks like an eye

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The words of Kabutroid

Click for comic page Awright! I am one step closer to having rings that clink together as I walk (as first desired with the making of these earrings, which chime oh so incredibly subtly)! I've been wearing regular ear studs since 2017, always kinda wanting to swap them out with rings. I hunted around online periodically but never found anything that felt right, or I was too poor at the time to shop, so generally, those original (sorta original, the top piercing was moved to below shortly after the first triple piercing) three ear studs stayed. I did try swapping them out with chainmaille rings somewhere around 2019, but it ended... poorly and painfully, and very quickly returned to the ear studs at the time lol. Until now finally! Fitting to start (sorta, 8 months in) our life in England, with a new look that's closer to the vision I have!

A photo of Kabutroid's right ear showing the three pink hoop rings in her helix piercings, while also wearing an indigenous red beaded earring in the lobe. In the bottom left corner, superimposed is Kabutroid's sprite, also showing a sprite version of the three hoops and beaded earring.

And I have got to say, I spent like... an hour testing every possible configuration of those three pixels that make up these earrings in my sprite, and this option works the best. It shows some curvature to them, it's got some separation between the ring and the ear to display them, it works well.

And aside from that! Whadda we got, whadda we got, there's been a handful of short stories written since the last update! Let's just pop the front page text in here from that post:
Lil mini update today! I've just put up a new story, was prompted to make it by... something on Facebook somewhere, but something prompted me to start writing it. The Hag 2, the next in what I'm planning to be a series of stories over time, whenever inspiration strikes. Much like the hag lol.

And then, the very next day, The Hag 3 was written! It was 3:30am, and I had just put my phone down to sleep. I heard a notification, a discord popup, and in it was posted the word 'magma'. That immediately sprung to mind the vision of a lava hag, or a volcano hag, whatever you want to call it. And I needed to write. And then the next morning, The Hag 4 and The Hag 5 were written in almost the same way, at the same time in the morning lol. When creativity strikes! Again, much like the hags XD. It seems we have a series of these, I've gotten good feedback online from them, people are loving them, so if the ol' thinkin' sponge comes up with a story, y'gotta start typing!

Also got some updates to the links page, added some more comic strips to that, and as a minor less visible update, at the bottom of every html page, all art pages, all bonus pages necessary... y'know how on mobile, in the browser there's usually (I guess depending on your model) a kinda horozontal bar at the bottom of the screen so you can swipe the browser away to go to another app? Well that used to partially cover my 'back' buttons. The site was originally designed before smartphones existed lol, so I went and edited *every* html page (not the comic strip itself tho, that has little text at the bottom so we're good there) to add an extra space at the bottom, so now the button is raised up a bit above that bar there, and it's all better now. So yah, a few random updates here :D
One other update as well since then, I've re-discovered a short story, written in November 2019! It showed up in my 'memories' on Facebook, and it had never been added to the website! And so I bring at last to you The Bear and The Apple Tree, a children's story of sorts, about sharing and caring and making friends ^_^

We have a little update to the Fly Chronicles, which has now spanned onto page 2, and a minor update to my Spirituality page (also Spiritual wear), in that I've added Avalokitesvara to my Deities that I regularly speak with, the Tibetan Buddhist Bodhisattva of Compassion, so it's no surprise that I've brought her into my fold. Still Pagan, etc, but my Spirit Name is The Eagle who Flies through the Heaven, meaning I speak with many Deities from many places. And compassion, I have to connect with Her! :D

So that's the updates for the time being! We're still trying to save up money to move to another room, so that I can once again have access to my art supplies (terrible landlord, lots to tell, won't go into it), and we can start making stuff again! So things to come, will hopefully move in the next few months. But yah, I'll make a post about that when it happens, and otherwise I'll try to make another comic strip itself in the near future. I tried today to be fair, but my brain just wasn't in it, so it probably wanted to push out this bonus comic first. Again, I'm sure a lot of things will come after we move and aren't living in this nightmare zone, so progress continues forwards!

Yah we'll be reporting the landlord to... multiple places after we leave, so no worries there.

Kabutroid and Abby


Bottom of the Zeebetite border
Blue floor

Sprites from Metroid created by Nintendo, and sprites from other games created by their respective companies. Comic ideas and some sprites created by me, KatieLynne Jackson (also known as Kabutroid). Bonus thanks to Niklas Janssen for the coding of the roaming Metroids, which I've modified to fit Planet Zebeth.