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September 19, 2022
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WOOH, ok well I've at least been able to put up a few pages about Dungeons and Dragons characters and such. We have the *original* Deck of Many Things, the 0e, and several character sheets on the way to growing. Minor bit of backstory

SO, it began... heck, gotta throw this back to Legend of the 5 Rings, five years of that. Then a playing of a character from Pathfinder, Raven Facebiter, this character was eventually transferred into the D&D world. And of course I had to make a whole big backstory to, which continues to grow to this day, in a number of ways. For one, that character sheet I linked to back there, is presently in the process of being brought to epic level, mainly because, and also because. But they're doing it cool-like, like lemme get into this. Ok, so I'd bought the modules for a few adventures from version 2 and 3 and such, because long story short, I stumbled across Epic Levels and Tome of Magic and stuff, so that put us on a quest to get a book from each version, a quest I went into in the original deck of many things page, see above. And in the bookbinding page, I get all of those together and stuff... where was I going with this here... Right yes, epic levels. So anyways, the modules that I picked out, were selected to be like... k we need a 5-10 module, and a 10-15 module, and stuff like that, so she's going to level up as if she had gone through these modules themselves! Basically, I wanted her spell selection and such to be influenced by something, so this just made sense, in just about all the ways. AND SO, Raven Facebiter and her friend Kabu-Galag, are currently in Xaryxispace, all kinds of craziness, there's crystals growing out of Toril, there's a moon full of Tarrasques, there's ships that looks like moths, I can't even. So anyways, not yet updated on her character sheet online (as the next update to that will be in epic levels, The Temple of the Frog soon ahead), but we've got Raise Dead. There's slime creatures, there's space clowns something, I tells ya we're going to need this. Also there's Tom, the 20 foot tall air elemental that you may have to solo fight through the harrow deck of many things. Yah, this kinda circles back to that, we designed our character in Pathfinder to be able to solve as much of the deck as she could, and so we needed this in D&D too, at which this is actually the final spell needed to wrap that up in a pretty little bow. So that's cool. Level 9, get dat level 5 spell. And yah, at this point the future modules will effect Raven's progress. Can we save the Frog Temple. Only time will tell. I would assume yes. Since I am the DM. And I'm not rolling dice, I'm just kinda reading the module. Also they have four goblins with them, Ajax, Erin, Mask, and Iago, they're going to be epic level as well. Dunno if they'll have individual character sheets, they're just in my head as generic fighter, cleric, rogue, and another fighter or a barbarian, something that hits hard. And Raven's kinda support. And Kabu-Galag's another fighter. Yah it's like a choose your own adventure, I kinda figure how they'd likely solve a scenario as I read it in the book. Speaking of books, dat bookbinding, pretty decent. Looks awesome.

So... there's a lot I could say. I was hoping to be in England before putting up the 20 year anniversary thing, but we're still waiting. All of my carving and chainmaille tools are in England already, so for creative purposes, I have dollar store equipment, and the handful of things that I've wanted to make, being all depressed and stuff because I'm waiting. I've thrown together a few deck of many things type things, basically, can make with computer, and print at printing place. Then dollar store scissors lol. Also no flat surface or anything to work with really, I'm in a bit of a unique situation. Just grit your teeth type thing, keep waiting.

But, despite my depression, I still have created several things, also away from all my tools. Wow, honestly it looks like I've been busy, like last comic had near a dozen things, this one I've got like another half-dozen to mention. Much of it is... well it feels like I should be able to mention more, like under normal circumstances.

Haven't been feeling Zebeth where I am, I just want to be in Engand for that. Like it's epilogue stage, trailing on about fun little stuff. I've got the next few comics kinda thought out, but y'know I just don't want to make them until I'm with my Abby in England. Like it hurts, y'know? It's not having moved yet that's just aching me. So I suffer.

Ah well, this thing always sees the silver linings and stuff, may as well let the machine keep focusing on that. ...can't say there is any silver lining right now really, I made some stuff listed below! Gave me the option of making things I wouldn't normally make I guess, don't know if I would have gone to printing up these minibooks. Actually I probably would have, these are honestly like 2-day projects, just spaced out a lot. Still doing my song-a-day, pretty humdrum due to my sitch. That'll change, I'm not planning to stop singing this anytime soon. It's a slice of life type of thing, like a sitcom almost. A minute long sitcom that comes with a daily little tune and a bit about our lives. So yah, I guess that's always updating. Anyways, what updates do we have to look at here, don't let the down-lows grip you too long, let's get to the stuff here, whadda we got?

The AD&D page (I'm so exasperated by kinda needing to list it as the AD&D page rather than the D&D page, because it just doesn't feel right to say just D&D, so I dunno. I'm keeping Treasure of Tarmin's sprites safe in there, and y'know, while I'm on it, it feels *weird* to say that I'm an AD&D kid, which I am, by technicality. Like I never tabletop gamed until around 2015, but I sank my teeth into AD&D: Treasure of Tarmin, I took the video game route lol). But anyways, inside said page we have (also the beholder in there is free use) new:
The AD&D page beholder - I want to name it, it has to be named, think of a name.
The Deck of Many Things page has been updated a bit, in that you now have a digital random card-puller, for the 13 and the 22 card decks. Or perhaps would you like the 78?
On that note, we have the Tarot of Many Things, published in Dragon Magazine 1983, and made into miniature booklet form, to go with a physical deck. Also that random card puller for it, the cards do different things when upright or reversed! That's 156 possible things, go walk an imaginary warrior up to them :D. Each card-puller comes with its own kinda story, like how you found it kinda thing.
On that note, the Deck of Illusions now has a random card-puller too.
The Deck of hazards too, card-puller. Y'know, I do one, I have to do them all lol.
Oh, speaking of rollers, the dice roller page (yah I know, I'm really taking use of that random line html code that I found recently, and this is different random number html code lol, but we has working codework now!), which is d20 by default, has a d100 dice roller page for the magic item table, and also all the dice, so you could literally use that page in campaign lol. Mainly just because why not :P
Speaking of, the magic item table page is new.
Hiruma Kabu, a writeup about my very very very very very first tabletop gaming character, eta 2015.
Quite related, a quick page about The Wall, my next L5R character. Feel free to use :D
Raven Facebiter, my current character lol. She has an immediate action feat if she's targetted in battle, guess what it is lol. Good character though, really fun. Prehensile hair, the works. Basically the comic relief. Also now in Toril.
Giant chonk, a giant dice that I purchased recently, also it is named Chonk lol.

And that about wraps up all of the updates, WOOOOH, 20 year anniversary! And yah, I'll keep on pondering what things I can still make while here, and keep everyone posted!



Sprites from Metroid created by Nintendo, and sprites from other games created by their respective companies. Comic ideas and some sprites created by me, KatieLynne Harder (also known as Kabutroid and dragonmotherk). Bonus thanks to Niklas Janssen for the coding of the roaming Metroids, which I've modified to fit Planet Zebeth.