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July 22, 2024
The Lizardoth

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Kraid saying Zebeth, where I'm all awesome and stuff, and a first and home button. A yellow double arrow left button with a green border. A yellow house button with a green border. Samus jumping left Samus running left Samus crouching Samus upside down Kabutroid saying The story of my life, with a first and home button. A green double arrow left button with a chartreuse border. A green house button with a chartreuse border. Current Real Zebeth comic, click for direct page with text. A large blue bird with red frills.A large white dragon.

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Large rocky ceiling creature with the letter B

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A floor creature mirrored to the ceiling with the letters P R J M

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Click for comic page Kabutroid's earrings, a pair of silver french hook earrings of small fairies, sitting on her laptop. Another link to Kabutroid's earrings, a pair of silver french hook earrings of small fairies, sitting on her laptop. You knew it was coming. Kraid's been made fun of enough, and he's owned it enough, you knew this had to be the case.

So a drunken lab experiment, sounds about right. And the Lizardoth plot and plan...

Stuff! So we finished off another SEVERAL projects this weekend, mostly relating to taking a *TON* of photos for the random draw things.

We have finished up the Bags of Tricks, all three, grey, rust, and tan styles! And of course the mini storylines that make up their random draw things at the bottom of that page (also in the alive linked random draw things).

We have made a page for wild magic surge random number generator, so that's got it's own story now, thank you 2-Minute Tabletop for all of these battle maps, and also Texture Max for the seamless tile textures that make up the webpage wallpaper for those. Very very useful, thank you guys!

And on the almost-done side of things, we have the Bag of Beans, which is mostly done, it just needs a second layer of clear topcoat on the back of the beans, and then several days of drying before I take them out to the park to take photos for THAT random draw thing lol.

And that's basically been the last handful of days for me, it's been actually rather busy (involving running to the shops to print those battle maps, and mini instructions for the bag of beans), lots of dying of jute pouches (and letting it bake in the sun, heat being the universally recommended way of keeping acrylic paint set in fabric), a TON of time painting numbers onto beans, topcoating said beans, and a ton of photo taking! It's been busy lol. But we're almost done. Just 103 or so more photos (100 beans plus I doubt anyone wants me to keep that hand-drawn mini story for them lol), and that'll polish that one off, WOOH! Accomplishing stuff!

Now let's see where this Kraid's origin story goes...



Bottom of the Zeebetite border
Blue floor

Sprites from Metroid created by Nintendo, and sprites from other games created by their respective companies. Comic ideas and some sprites created by me, KatieLynne Jackson (also known as Kabutroid). Bonus thanks to Niklas Janssen for the coding of the roaming Metroids, which I've modified to fit Planet Zebeth.