The words spawn point in large block lettering. Clicking on it spawns a new spawn point.

You are in a small room, having just come through a teleporter. A sign on the wall reads 'spawn point', and Welcome Zebethians. Another sign with a neon border says to enjoy your stay. A lamp in the shape of a Geruta is to the left of the teleporter, but it is presently just for show, and shows an error code 'code missing: Kabutroid is working on it' if touched. To the right is a portrait of Kabutroid (a tall, athletic woman, light brown carapace, healthy tail. Has scythes for arms), with beneath saying 'click here for Kabutroid lore', which takes you to an about page for her. Another lamp is on the landing below, this one in the shape of the lightning screw attack powerup. A cubbyhole is beneath the landing with a computer that takes you to the archives, as well as a link to the current map of Zebeth, and a link to the Frequently Asked Questions. Opposite from the cubbyhole is a large sign thanking Kabutroid's supporters, as well as several tables with refreshments and snacks on them. Finally to the left of the tables is the door out, with a sign pointing to Zebeth.

Oh my goodness there is more too it as well! Clicking on all of these things does something (except that damn lamp), and it takes you to different pages in the site. Clicking the 'Welcome Zebethians' sign wil take you to an FAQ page about Space Pirates (that's you), the FAQ page, even clicking on the snacks on the table works, and takes you to Ridley (who runs the bar and makes the food)! It is a very fun page. Lamp The spawn tube. Clicking on it spawns another spawn point. Spawn tube, other side of it. Spawn point sign. Sign saying to enjoy your stay. Kabutroid Click here for Kabutroid lore Another lamp Sign saying Map Sign saying FAQ Sign saying Zebeth Archives, and a computer Sign saying Thank you to my supporters Drinks and deep fried foods are on the tables. Sign saying Zebeth with an arrow

A letter which reads 'You may be wondering where you are. Welcome to the spawn point, where all new Zebethians on the planet first appear. Please help yourself to snacks and refreshments, and enjoy your stay on Zebeth'. On the letter is also a picture of Speedy the Metroid Herder, who when clicked, will take you to comic 146, when Speedy was first introduced to the comic, and clicking on the words spawn points spawns another new spawn point. Yet another spawn point spawner
A space pirate walking in the direction of the door.