The Twisted Sisters

The screaming of the soul

The one with hourglasses for eyes. The witchy one. The screaming soul. The three sisters, twisted and... well, twisted. And really only in the physical sense, in that they're more or less twisted around eachother in a- y'know, you have no idea, it was actually kinda fun to hollow out the inside like that. Kinda tricky, but I liked it :D

So yah, another staff that looks dark and scary, but is actually filled with love and harmony and joy and peace and happiness.

Oh, and this one comes with an anti-harm spell. Like... if it's near something about to cause harm, it'll do what it can to divert the moment and save the day. Also it has three souls in it. Yah all mine, it's cool. They do not as of present have names, but having typed this it prompted them to go off murmering about it.

I have... and I can say this with honesty here... absolutely no worries about this. I am the kindest, most good-hearted person you can think of, so they will be singing in harmony or such in there, waiting for a new owner.

Yah, anti-harm staff, contains three souls. I hope that it brings safety into someones life <3

August 2020
Looking out into a swamp, with trees distantly on either side.The staff on the carpet, with some of the linework put into it.
The staff wrapped in some old black and red tshirts and a towel, soaking wet, sitting in the corner of the bathtub to darken.A closeup of the wrapped up head, with some of the upper prongs sticking out.Showing the bottom half of the staff carved, with abundant linework, against a blue door backdrop.
The same bottom of the staff, but rotated to show a different part of the linework.Showing the head of the staff with the long sticks poking out, beginning to have the faces carved into it.A closeup of the linework on the base.
The first face, with laughing eyes, and a twisted grin.Showing the eyes of the bottom face, with the hourglasses for eyes. The mouth twists off to the back.Looking upwards into the head being completely hollowed out.
Beginning the scrolling linework on the handle.The scrolling linework complete, carved in fairly deeply with the lines tightly close to eachother.Showing the darkening of the bark and wood inside the lines.
Showing the staff with a quite dark base, and a glowing bright handle.A closeup of the handle, with all of the linework filled in black.The staff, but with that hollowed out section at the top painted blood red, with the top unpainted so it looks like a 90% full gauge
Showing the staff at an angle to show off the hidden fourth face that came up from scuffing of the bark, as well as the red mouth.A blood red symbol carved into the base.A scratch at the bottom, three gashes in a row. All of these are completely nonspiritual red herrings by the way.
Showing the majority of the mask, with the linework re-carved out, so that the bark is darkened but the lines are not. It's a lot brighter now.Showing the first varnishing on a closeup of some zig-zagging and tightly packed linework.Showing the head, with the hollowed out mouth area now painted over with black charcoal.
Showing the side of the head with the smiling eyes.Showing a closeup of the charcoal painting inside. Yah it's mildly cool that it's red beneath, but it was purely just a style choice honestly. Didn't like the red, too comical.Showing a bit of a closeup of the faces with the black interior.
Showing the bloody symbol in the middle of the staff which is again, a red herring.Showing one of the tiny symbols carved into the side and painted black or white, this one is white, all red herrings.A black symbol, randomly designed, also red herring. It's more just to confuse and startle than anything, just a style thing, this thing looks kinda creepy. It works, it needed some 'things' in there.
Showing the staff when it was first obtained, uncarved and roughly cut in the middle of the forest.Showing the finished piece, with the head shape little changed from the original, but with the faces hollowed into it, and the intricate linework of the handle.

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