The head of the hiking staff My knife carved into the wood of the handle A wooden Metroid carved into a dowel The rough beginning of the slingshot
The swirly pattern on the spoon, close up The wooden sewing needles all lined up on a red pattern cloth The word Koa carved into a staff, in light blue The names Uzziel and Joseph carved into the staff
A scraggly old closeup of a scraggly old stick A closeup of the likeness of the virgin mary in the head of my staff The word carriage written on a stick The tangled looking base of a staff
The carved side of a dark brown staff, laying against a blue door. A pile of staves all propped up in a corner A carved stick with pattern, and one with the word 'rabbit' carved in it The Om symbol carved into a staff
The top head of a carved staff, with an open mouth showing A swirl of fresh green bark, coiled into a conical spiral A horrific staff with screaming mouths, green bark, and red inside The head of the staff, white with branchwork pattern in the side of it, I'm not sure what that's called, that look or biological patterning
The handle of a large, solid staff A red staff, wrapped in burlap A mottled wooden staff with several runes painted on it Kabutroid's right hand with a stitched leather sheath on her thumb, with an added layer of leather over the pad.
A set of three slightly different closed whittling knives, laying in a row diagonally on a beige canvas tarp, surrounded by wood shavings. Several wooden teeth of various shapes and sizes, laying beside their counterpart on a printed page showing the relative sizes of the teeth to eachother.

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The carvings I've carved.