The God Staff

A staff made while reading the Holy Bible

A wooden staff with names from the Holy Bible carved into it.
Still a work in progress. I am presently reading the Holy Bible front to back, and any names that jump out at me, I put on the staff.

I am still in Numbers right now, but there is still plenty of room on this staff for more names ^_^. It's a really nice looking staff though. Cane? Staff? I dunno, you grip it like a staff. Anyways. It's got a really nice driftwood type of feel to it, though that means that you have to be a little bit gentle with it. Like... don't get it caught in a car door and you should be fine kinda thing. I may consider varnishing it at the end, or painting like a hardener into the wood. It'll probably be a while before I finish the Bible though, I don't read it regularly, just when it hits me every now and again. I am currently at Numbers 24:1 ^_^
Kabutroid holding the staff, with it standing on the carpet in her room. Some of the names are visible on it.
The names Jesus and Sarah visible.The names Uzziel and Joseph, and the second half of Mary.
The name Abraham, and the second half of Joseph.The name Hebron on the staff.

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