The Staff of Goodness

A staff of beauty

A wooden staff containing hundreds of runes.
The Staff of Goodness. A staff created of pure kindness and good will. With each rune, I spoke to the Gods, and asked them to take from each rune the kindest, most goodest, most peaceful, loving, caring, heartwarming feelings that it could from its own attributes, and imbue them into the staff ♡

For each rune that I painted, I was basically chanting. "...and kindness, and love, and caring, and compassion, and support, and love, and feeling, and care, and mindfulness, and safety, and love, and cherishment, and kindness, and love, and emotion, and smiles, and cheerfulness, and caring...." more or less over and over again for hours ♡

The runes were chosen more or less at random, pretty much specifically because we didn't want it really "directed" in any one way, but more just pulling kindness and love from each and every rune.

And so, the staff of goodness. A staff with as much love as I could possibly gather ♡♡♡♡

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The staff pre-painting, just being held by a pink wall.A full view of the staff, up against the wall.The first rune, Laguz, water, to go with the flow, or potentiality
Five runes in, After Laguz, Inguz, Mannaz, Gebo, and KaunaMore runes, and the rune sheet that I am using. There's tape on either side of the runes to keep me straight and the right height.The first band complete, showing the staff with several sections of runes visible from  one side.
And after having finished this staff (the previous bit having been typed at the midway point, like after I'd started the bottom half), I'm gonna take this opportunity to point a lot of stuff out, cause that's kinda my thing. SO, a lot of baddies tried breaking into my meditation while making this and well... I defended them away in... y'know whatever way I do. Usually comically. Anyways, a staff of pure kindness! Not a single impure thought, not a single ounce of meanness allowed. All negativity stripped out of it, it is a staff of pure good, just.... oozing with goodness. There has to be a better word for that, but this thing is like stuffed to the brim, pressurized in, some kind of squished inside of it filled with good thing here.

Oh, also it has a soul, as per the uszh. So if like... someone... somehow bizarrely tries to use it for evil, it has a me built in as self defense, and then there's a self defense kinda self-built into that thing there, and like yah, so anyways this thing can only really be used for good and stuff. It's kinda my thing lol. GOOD ONLY XD

So anyways, it's got a clump of my soul kicking around in it, and it's all like... exuding goodness and stuff. So yep. Good times ^_^

So yah the staff of goodness :D

Oh also signed and stuff, so it's got my signature in it and stuff like that yeah. Yep, this turned out to be a pretty good one. Lots of happiness stuffed into there ^_^


Note: It is unbelievably difficult to photograph a staff and like show it off and stuff. We are working with what we have.

189 runes too btw :D

February 18, 2021

The top of the staff complete, showing lines that slowly tighten together closer towards the grip.One band of runes starting to get smaller.The staff, with tape partially removed from the sides.
The staff, seeing some of the crazy linework swooping and curving, with some lines being close to others, and showing about 30 runes in this pic.Seeing the runes trickle down to just dots at the very bottom of the staff.The head of the staff with the word video over it. The video shows the staff being rotated around.
The Staff of Goodness

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