The Staff of Screaming

It was created with screaming

Hours and hours and hours of screaming

A bloody staff, leaning up against a bathtub wall, with bloodsplatter paintings beneath.

It started out a normal looking staff A white staff against a blue door.
Handsome even The staff being held aloft, clean and pristine.
Oh my goodness! Covered in blood. Red. Paintings with red beside it. Black bags cover the walls behind it.
What happened to you? The bottom, blood everywhere. Bottles and rags. One painting looks like a speedometer, one is just splatters. The other is streaks.
Things got dark, didn't they? The streaks. Fingers dragged over paper, red. Red.
Wait, no? The staff almost looking confused, several of the knots in it, against a white paper in the background.
You have a spell of anti-harm on you even? Looking up at the staff.
Oh my goodness you're just a blessing in disguise! All of that dark imagery was just an art project that you put on! Just the ol' staff sitting in a corner of the bathtub, with some interesting splattery type sheets made, because why not, when else am I going to have that opportunity.
Well alright then It kinda looks like a person in the knots, just kinda standing there.
Carry on about your day Yah just getting ready to go for a walk with the staff.

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