All the others

Like... most have a soul pre-imbued into them

A currently uncarved wooden staff. Just y'know, it's an empty magical staff. I just put a soul in it to give it like consciousness and stuff, so it can like learn from you and stuff. I should go on a bit about who I am, so you know what it's starting with.

I am like Ned Flanders. I'm a frickin' care bare lol. I'm a little bit crass at times, because I grew up way deep in the prairies, but I'm full of nothing but love, and kindness, and sharing, and happiness, and peace, and serenity, and compassion, and trust, and hope, and all those good things. I'm basically a paladin, championing for the good and healing others when they're wounded. So that's what it's starting with ^_^

Yah, I am saccharine, I'm like... Dudley Do-Right, mixed with Mother Theresa, mixed with Gandhi, just like... I LOVE BEING KIND SO MUCH!

I am proud of my saccharinity, your teeth will hurt once I'm done with you ^_^

So anyways, we got a whole pile of staves here, uncarved ones. Oh, and they're all named Samantha, like... that's kinda the default name I give to them. They all start as Samantha, and you can rename them to whatever. I can take it out too, if you like, like if you want a plain one. Anyways, let's have a look at them all.

2019 onward

A generally weather worn, dark brown dry wood spruce, somewhat larger in size. A heavily mottled and thin dry poplar. A very unusual pattern. Another mottled poplar, but with many white bark-spots throughout it. A well aged dry tree, the bark having fallen off of it. Spruce. It almost looks green. A well sized poplar, with a somewhat thicker top. A well aged spruce, the tree having broken in half in the forest long ago, and the top aged and weathered. It has a somewhat Gandalf feel to it. A thin poplar, also ehh... it probably fell in the forest almost a month before I came across it. All of these are pre-fallen or dead trees, unless I note otherwise, probably. A relatively new fall, the bark is still quite firm and a fresh grey. Wood grey, if that's a thing. A good number of knobbies near the top, eyes and stuff.

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