The Creature with Three Faces and Two Brains

The second carving

An unusual wooden staff, the creature with three faces and two brains.
The first creature was lost, and strained from time and thought. No it didn't, but it was lost. And eventually, over time, I wanted to carve it again. It would take a solid week, so I waited for my moment.

The faces I needed to re-carve, they were the focal point, and what I looked forward to most. A knot in a glorious place, seeming to scream in an almost... immediate manner. The eye is beading. Another face, open eyes screaming, almost reminiscent of The Scream, by Munch. The third, the angry eyes, that face needed to be there again, I liked the spiky teeth the most. The two brains above the faces.

Slashes and scratches, my black metal side. OOhhhh, we were tempted to make that one symbol (zero meaning to it by the way, just a cool shape) red because it looks so cool, SO close, but nah, we left it clear. OH that looks cool tho. Anyways, we got a pic, yah we figured it might draw *too* too much attention, like the top alone draws enough. Anyways yah red too much, ditch it, pic kinda cool tho. Again, zero meaning, pure cool factor. Yah red looks good but it's a bit too much ah well.

Now. The Creature with Three Faces and Two Brains. A name adopted long ago, back in 2015. After the original page was typed it seems, but at some point. Yah this staff has like three names by the way, Kabuthunk, a third somewhere. The Creature with Three Faces and Two Brains. Three grotesque faces, long and hollowed, with screaming eyes or eyes that are hollow. An incredible piece, this thing looks tribal or something. Now, I grew up in the middle of a wheat field, with literally no neighbours (moreso people that you wave to twice a year from 100 yards). So I have no real... community background to base this off of, this thing is pure Kabutroid mind. Yah quick three sentences, literal outcast (not in a bad way per-se) of the class in school, smallest child both boys and girls, all the way up until grade 9. Literally under the radar, also the one in our class that grew up in the middle of a field, and liked rubbing gravel into my hair during recess, because it felt nice to pull out. I was the weird small one from the middle of a wheat field, and this is the brain of it. Or rather the screamier, black-metal type side of it, but of course just the imagery, used on the side of good and kindness of course. Because that's basically just me lol. My inner 'this looks cool', and a magic staff to boot. I made it a magic amplifier, is its primary function. A few other goodies in there, but a magic amplifier. I've also stuffed my soul into it like all the other staves, so it's guarded by me, if anyone other than me is handling it. Just pointing that out, it's got a me sitting inside of it, it's got that protecting it. Anyways, The Creature with Three Faces and Two Brains, an incredible thing.

July 2020 - retyped October 2022

The first face, the screaming one. IT stares forward with its single eye, pulsing and unblinking. The second face, stern eyes, and jagged teeth. The third face, eyes open and screaming, seeming to clutch its face.
Kabutroid holding the staff, carved but the grip not yet painted in.The face with the screaming eyes, laying on Kabutroid's lap in her carving spot.The pulsating eye, seeming to scream at a thousand decibels.
The biting face, held in the carving spot.The large symbol on the side of the staff, pre-blood.The option that we could have taken, with that symbol being filled in red. It looks so cool, but it was just a little *too* too much.
The top of the staff, laying on the work surface. A cup of Kabutroid's tea is beside it.Showing the tight and intricate linework of the base, in front of a pink door.Showing a closeup of the staff, with our adopted dragon Paul watching from up on the wall.
The staff leaning up in a tub after a varnishing.The biting face of the head, and also showing the painted in handle, in front of a blue backdrop.The staff being held, and showing it from the top down to see the entire base beneath the handle.
Showing the handle and top of the staff, with the biting face facing the camera once again.

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