The daily staff

Standing in a swamp and holding a carved staff.
Ok, so some time shortly after my experiment THUNK, I started out on what I figured would be my daily user. Unvarnished, natural wood with carvings. Essentially like THUNK, but without varnish.

And so I set out. More or less all of the same symbols were carved, but a few were added. I also received blessings from several Deities in the making of this, Athena, Zeus, and of course the Virgin Mary, as seen by her appearance in the head. Oh my god, I can't believe it, what unbelievable luck for Her to have shown up in the head of the staff! She has dried out a bit (the colour was more vibrant before, compare to the menu image that you clicked on to get here. OMG, amirite! So yah, She's blessed this as well.

These were the guys that were around when I was carving this. Oh, the Cree Ancestors touched it when I was carving the bear paw, my Mom touched it of course, that skater looking symbol inside the square was from her. The cross, there's a symbol for Goldwyn, one of my Angels on there, Simon, one of my dragons, that carving of him on there acts as a portal that he, and the other dragons that I've made can travel to. My blessing Koa is on there. The heart belongs to Athena and the lightning bolt is from Zeus. My spirit names are all on there, The Eagle who Flies through the Heaven, The Cloud Child, and The Hare. I've put the name of my turtle spirit, my spirit guide onto there, Upulnesayaymsugamayufyeevawawoopdesowarnewadeh, and her daughter Oka. The blue at the top more or less represents water, and a reminder to drink more water.

It comes with accessories!!!! Yes, as seen towards the bottom, you can see a variety of pendants that I've made to hang from the staff, it really draws attention :D. The previous staff THUNK had one of these as well. Most of them are a variety of feathers in some manner or another, and I can see me adding more and more as time goes by, all of the colours, different sticks and designs, festive type things, all sorts! I like it, a change-outeable charm for your staff :D

March 2020
The figure skating figurine, carved above the handle.The word Koa carved into the staff, over Kabutroid's lap and work canvas.
Looking down at the staff, showing the somewhat spaced out linework.Showing a heart carved into the side, and the little branch with a chainmaille ring on it to hand ornaments from.
The Virgin Mary appearing in the head of the staff.The dragon stencil carved into the side, and painted blue. My dragons can travel through this symbol.
The heart on the side painted in red.The meow, koa, and rainbow linework of the staff.
The staff standing beside the display of all of the ornaments, ranging from different colours of feather, a beaded ornament, and a stick.The full view of the staff leaning up against the door, with several other staves, and general outdoor gear nearby.
Kabutroid standing in a swamp, wearing a pink hat and backpack, a purple plaid shirt, and smiling and holding the staff.

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