The carriage stick

Blessed by Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Love, and War

A carved stick blessed by the Goddess Athena.
This was a stick made out of love, friendship, and... I'm not even sure how we came up with the word carriage lol.

So I was sitting near my sewing desk carving just stuff. Word sticks in general. So throughout this, I summon Athena over, and we strike up conversation. She's chill with me, we're shooting the shoot back and forth lol. And so it comes up where like... we could make a stick that summons you! Like, if you grab the stick, it instantly summons Her to your side!

We're still a little up in the air about this, because Athena doesn't know if She wants to be tied to coming whenever this stick is called... it's a very powerful spell... but in reality it should come up very little. And thinking about it just now, if it comes up that someone summons Her and is disrespectful or whatever... well... I honestly don't know if I would want to be disrespectful to the Goddess of War. So it's got a built-in safety there. It's not like She has to follow your orders, She's just... there. Like... yep, you've summoned Athena to your side. Sup.

Also, we say the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Love, and War (instead of the obvious Handicrafts, which would have fit a lot better lol) is because there was a lot of love involved with this meeting, a lot of friendship and happiness. So She specifically wants love associated with this item ^_^

The stick, with the word carriage curving over a knot in the wood. There's no meaning behind that, it's just how it was.
The stick at a different angle, showing how the lettering curved upwards, and showing more of the other half of the word, because it curves most of the way around.

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