.. The word sticks

The word sticks

Sticks carved into words... literally. At least in most cases. It's the sticks that I sell anyway.

Some random sticks with words like Meow and Fly carved into them. Bits and pieces of wood, some with carvings, some without. I like these, they're fun to make (this is my personal one). Like... 15 minutes apiece, maybe an hour. Some of them I just kept because they have cool bits of moss and stuff on them, something for someone else to collect, maybe carve into themselves ^_^

I guess as I keep making more, I'll keep adding them ^_^

2019 and onward

A handful of small lengths of stick, three to ten inches, one says hello, one says cabbage, one just has linework, and another is just a really nice stick. Two of them are presently uncarved.The words Rabbit, Meow, and Fly on sticks, some with just thin linework, and another that just looks incredible and moss covered.The word woof, fly on several sticks, an ampersand, an open eyeball, a collection of random symbols on a stick, and a piece of root with linework.A handful of little wooden disks, only a few of them have any linework. Little carvable things to give away or carve or anything.The word Be, like the two letter b e, carved into a small stick.

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