The scraggle stick

Scraggle stick, scraggle stick, does whatever a scraggle stick does

The scraggle stick.
This mainly came about because I had this really awesome piece of... I want to say spruce, with a really cracked surface bark. I liked the texture of it so much I decided to make it into a cane, which is aptly called the scraggle stick, because it's so scraggly XD

Also contains a soul. Yah, most of my staves contain a soul. Don't worry, it's just a piece of mine, so it's full of love and harmony and love and friendship and beauty and compassion and all those good things. But yah, since most of my things I want to be magical, I also made them sentient.

He's a pretty gruff guy this one, but again, is full of love and hope and harmony and stuff ^_^

A somewhat rougher, a bit shorter cane stick. It's got a fair number of cracks throughout the bark, but it's well varnished like that, like four layers.
The staff leaning up against a door, so you can inspect the bark and stuff. A fair amount of cracks in it, more towards the top, and the top bends back just a little bit more than the rest of the natural curve, and I have it rounded to have a somewhat round top heel. It fits in the hand nice.

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