The Teeth of Dahlver-Nar

A page for the carving section

Several carved teeth from the Dungeons and Dragons item the teeth of dahlver nar, beside their counterparts on a printed page showing the relative sizes of the teeth to eachother.
Just a quick little page for the carving section about The Teeth of Dahlver Nar (click that link for the main page on them, also in the random image generator, these photos will open up to there).

But yes, the Teeth of Dahlver-Nar! An extremely curious Dungeons & Dragons object, where you can either summon a random creature, or gain some crazy magical powers if you literally *embed them in your mouth* (in game, not in-person, even though wooden teeth have existed through human history, do not under any circumstances shove these into your maw, they will taste like the nailpolish topcoat and do literally nothing). Like... that's a bizarre random effect D&D item, I like it. Also, I've been on a string of like making every deck of many things and anything similar, and this needed to be added to the collection.

So, carving! I decided to carve these out of a random stick that I found on the ground at the park. I had originally planned to form them out of oven-baked clay, but that costs money, and our microwave/convection oven doesn't seem to have a simple 'set to 200 for an hour' type of thing... we did try, but it charcoaled our meal in ten minutes, so... I debated whether to trust it with expensive clay. Also, what would the clay make our main cooking oven smell like. And then it struck me, let's carve the beasts! Yeah, pull out the ol' whittling tools, have a go at it, print out a page with the relative sizes of the store-purchasable version (also expensive, another reason to make them myself, also it's my style)

More updates to come!

Made January 28 - ???, 2024
A handful of pieces of a branch on a beige canvas tarp, along with a printout of the comparison sizes of the teeth of dahlver nar, with one tooth fully carved, the green steel pit fiend, and one partially finished, the jagged tarrasque sliver, sitting beside their counterparts of the printout.
The printout of the relative sizes of the teeth, with eight of them now carved and placed beside their image on the printout, mostly the biggest ones, working down in size as we progress.

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