The Teeth of Dahlver-Nar

Oh wow, THIS is funky

Just a green rag that will become a bag filled with teeth.

Ohhhh ho ho, this is a weird item. And extraordinarily powerful! I debated whether to make it or not for a while, since it's, well, not a card deck, but... it's a random draw item. So is the Bag of Beans to be fair, but that's more of a 'roll a d100' type thing rather than 'each item is different' type item. There's also the various Bags of Tricks, but that has a similar situation, and as much as I vaguely want to create a bag with various toy animal figures in there, that just doesn't sit in the same, weird way that the Teeth of Dahlver-Nar sits. Like the teeth in your mouth when you implant them lol. So this one had to be made. It could also be bought for 70 quid, but... that's 70 quid, and this... isn't lol.

So we started with scraps! The first thing (since at the time of beginning this, January 28 2024, I didn't have access to an oven to dry clay) that I came up with to make was an instruction card, which would sit inside of the bag with the teeth until used. I'd debated whether to use a spare scrap playing card, but instead opted to use that red-backed card that came with the Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer dice, since it's red, which will work well with the... *thesaurus morbid* ghastly nature of this item lol. I figured to print out the instructions in tiny-print, and cut it out so that it's outlined in the red of that card. And then, what really kicked starting this project into gear, was finding this ugly putrid-green rag on the way back from going grocery shopping lol. It looks like it had been used to clean paint perhaps (on the backside, what will become the inside), and it was just the right kind of ugly-green colour that would work well with the macabre look that I wanted for this. Becoming vegan, I was balking at making a bag out of actual leather if it didn't come from proper indigenous sources, and being in England that was less than likely, so finding this putrid-green rag clinched starting up the page for this item. The actual item description lists it as being a leather pouch with stitched images, but that ain't happening lol, so *thesaurus putrid* decaying-green it is! It'll personalize it a bit more!

And so we begin, starting up the page for this item, as this horrible green rag hangs from a hook to dry after its initial get-the-dirt-and-sand-out washing, and the red card is cut in half, the plastic surface removed from text side, and the sides glued together pressed tight to dry as well. And of course we can get the random tooth-draw pages going!

Made January 28 - ???, 2024



Aw yeah you can pull a tooth!
The dungeons and dragons adventurer pressboard sheet that held the metal dice box inside of its plastic packaging. It says it's from hachette partworks, and that the plastic blister pack is recyclable.The red side of the pressboard, that was visible behind the dice when the magasine was new in its packaging. The pressboard card has been creased in half in preparation for cutting it and gluing the two halves together.

The putrid green rag that Kabutroid found on the ground.