The wooden stamps

Because I like sealing wax stamps :D

A wooden Metroid stamp
There are a few reasons to make your own stamp. Geocaching for starters, where there are certain caches known as letterbox style, in which you need to add your stamp to the log book, so come up with a custom stamp for that. This is presently mine, though I'm actually going to upgrade it to be the letters KT like my signature. As of present though, it is the humble Metroid ^_^. I've made several Metroid stamps before as well.

Approx. 2016
A small Metroid carved into the end of a small dowel of wood.
This was for my old business name Thingies and Stuff, the logo for it. The business has since changed names to 'A nest of dragons' however, and will need a new stamp designed for this ^_^

A bit of a funny story behind this. So when I first carved it, like a silly I forgot that it reverses the image when it's actually used, so I had to carve the opposite side to get it to wax seal correctly lol. At least it shows it 'front-ways' on the top now.

Approx. 2016
The Thingies and Stuff logo, carved backwards so it shows up correct.The other side of that stamp carved forwards, so that the stamp would be backwards, the first side lol

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