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The Kabucache

Realtime list of all Geocaches found by Kabutroid
Kabutroid's cache logs (updated periodically)

Milestone Finds
#1: "I'll Be Seeing You Blitz" by Ginny212 (Aug12/06 21:40CST) - No GPS system - only used Mapquest and my memory
#1 w/ GPS (#12 total): "The Timely Evergreen" by Sleepy_hollow (Aug26/06 10:50CST)
#100: "Conquista Del Mundo - African Continent" by skaven (Oct12/06 13:08CST)
#200: "Archimedes Adventure" by 1Queenand4Jokers (Mar26/07 19:50CST)
#300: "Blitzing this one? Better bring a bucket!" by grnbrg (Jul14/07 14:00CST)
#400: "Reviewers Night Out" by onecrazycanadian (Jul31/08 19:00CST)
#496: "Oh Give Me a Home" by Flotsom and Jetsom (May02/09 13:00CST)
#500: "Widget's picnic" by Sean and Widget (May02/09 14:00CST)
#600: "Resurrection" by The Richers (May26/10 19:30CST)
#700: "Harris Park cache" by klblue (July22/11 19:00CST)
#800: "Sk8 Like a Girl : the 'Railslide'" by missionMode (April23/16 17:00CST)

Travel Bug Encounters
First encountered: Trevor the traveling turtle (Aug16/06)
Owner: northernboys
Origin: Alaska, United States
100th encountered: Gingy (Feb01/09)
Owner: Team Ffej
Origin: Ontario, Canada

First To Finds
"The Radar Trap #1" by H-Head (Sep18/06 22:10CST - #44 total)
"ROCK HILL" (by default) by blazer45 (May21/07 14:00CST - #258 total)
"Get Sporty" by TeamViper (Sep09/07 16:30CST - #328 total)
"Tom Tiddler's ground" (formerly 'Spirit of Xmas') by 1Queenand4Jokers (Dec18/07 01:10CST - #343 total)
"stairway to heaven" by jonhycache (Oct14/08 08:45CST - #450 total)

Best Geocaching Experience: Geocaching for the day with my mom through Steinbach on September 13, 2006.

Most Caches In 1 Day: 15 (Jun14/09)

Geocaches I've created (First to find certificate found with them):

Early Maridia - Traditional cache (GCZG2T)
All your cache are belong to Kabs - Traditional cache (GC12Q7D)
Brinstar's Revenge - Traditional cache (GC12X7T)
String Figure It Out - Puzzle cache (GC14MVE)
Where it all began (tentative name), known approximate location (a work in progress)
Unknown name, unknown location, known cache type (another work in progress)
Unknown name, unknown location (yet another work in progress)
Travelbugs I own:

Personal Kabutracking Bug - started Aug. 12, 2006
Kraid's Keychain Collection - started Nov. 24, 2006
Go East Young Kabs - started Jan. 28, 2007
Go West Young Kabs - started Jan. 28, 2007
Mother Brain's Shrunken Skull - started Jan. 29, 2007
Trabnagian Travelling Tradeable Travelbug - started April 23, 2007
A Simple Swatch Of Chainmaille - started August 17, 2009
Other Geocaching Things:

Repairing a cat-chewed GPS antenna
Building a car cup-holder GPS mount
Fixing a broken camera case zipper
Repairing the tip of an inkless pen
Wrapping a geocoin with chainmaille
Cacher of the Month - August 2007 - Manitoba Geocaching Association
Paper comparison tests - All-weather paper vs. regular paper
Recorded Geocaching story 1 - Surrounded by gang members
About Kabutroid and Geocaching
I have an ongoing theme for every cache I either find or create. It will contain what is known as a "Tetra Orb". This is a chainmaille 'ball', for lack of a better description, which contains 16 stainless steel 16 gauge, 3/8" rings arranged in well... what looks mostly like a ball. See either this picture, or my profile picture (or the strap of my previous hiking stick). This is of course in addition to signing the cache's logbook with my chainmaille-wrapped pen.

Inside a micro-sized cache, I'll place a tiny "Mobius Ball", containing 5 stainless steel 18 gauge, 3/16" rings with every ring going through every other ring. See either this picture or bottom-right of profile picture.

What can you use these for? Anything! Funky earrings, christmas-tree ornaments, keychains, use your imagination. I will however be leaving regular swag in caches whenever possible along with the chainmaille ball. In the offhand chance I come upon a cache incapable of fitting a the 'micromail ball', I will then leave a 'nanomail ball', made up of three 20 gauge, 3/32" rings. For a size comparison of the three primary chainmaille balls, click here.

As an added bonus, I've added several 'limited edition' chainmaille balls, which I might drop into a random geocache, or bring to a geocache event. Typically, there will only be three or less of these ever put into circulation. Thus far, we have the macromail ball, titanium minimail and nanomail balls, the rubberized balls, macromail with a twist, macro micromail ball, blackened micromail ball, micro regular ball, and the scalemail ball. More may come over time, and will thusly be listed here when they do.

Geocaching Family
Kabutroid - Myself
PurpleMonkeyDishwasher - Brother
BlackCat Firecracker - Sister
Johnny Chimpo - Brother
Blagden - Brother-in-law & Nieces
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This page is for information regarding Geocaching and the Manitoba Geocaching Association, and Kabutroid's adventures, data, images, and other related aspects associated with it. It will be updated on a periodic basis, as Kabutroid's geocaching progresses.