Where it all began (tentative name)

Final location approximately known - yet another work in progress

A scattering of treasures from inside of a geocache. This is actually going to be a very straight-forward, very simple geocache.

The cache container, an ammo can, will be completely unadorned with artificial camouflage, and will essentially be placed exactly how it looks in this picture. The reason I'm doing this is because I've have come to discover from my first cache that animals of any sort will attempt to eat any plastic or glue attached to the outside of the container. Or at the bare minimum, will do so in a forest setting. And man, will this cache be in a forest setting. It will be placed several hours North of the city, in the forest at the foundation of my grandmothers old, original house which has since been reclaimed by the forest decades ago. So there's nothing BUT wildlife around, and an excruciatingly low chance that any non-geocacher will stumble upon it. A metal canister with the official geocache sticker on the side.
The contents of the cache is about the only other picture worth taking, up until the cache is actually placed. It will contain a random assortment of trinkets from my 'swag for making a cache' collection... a large rubber snake, a shiny hematite rock, a bouncy ball, a large marble, a windup toy, a metal puzzle, a card holder, a rubber duck pencil topper, headphone splitter, miniature flask, and of course a chainmaille ball. Just... a random assortment of items. It's a large ammo can, so it has plenty of room for tradeables. Not shown since I made it later is the FTF certificate, containing a stainless steel Half persian 3-1 bracelet. The tradeables inside of the geocache, a chainmaille ball, a windup toy, a plastic card holder, a rubber snake, a tiny little flask, a metal puzzle, a marble, and a few more odds and ends, and the geocache site instruction sheet.

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