Brinstar's Revenge geocacheBrinstar's Revenge
by Kabutroid [profile]
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N 49° 40.683 W 096° 54.493
UTM: 14U E 650905 N 5504936

In Manitoba, Canada
Hidden: 5/13/2007
Use waypoint: GC12X7T

Difficulty 2 Terrain 3.5

A forest cache in the prairies. The number of forest caches in the middle of field-filled plains is quite lacking, so this cache should fulfill your bush-dwelling needs.

If you enjoy forest caches, then this cache is for you. I've found that with most any forest cache I go after, there's usually a trail leading mostly to it, or it's not far off of a trail. As well, it usually involves fairly spaced-out forest growth, allowing for relatively easy access. Normally, I'm able to either ride or walk my bike directly to the cache.

I can guarantee that this is not the case with this geocache. I decided to make a geocache of the forest level of difficulty that I crave, so that others can experience that which I enjoy.

I chose this spot because I'm somewhat familiar with the area. The forest, if you can even call it that, is extremely small, and grows very densely around the end of a stream that runs through it. You MAY have to either step over water, or wade through it, depending on the time of year and the path you take. As for difficulty... to find the cache, it's vaguely obvious when you get to the coordinates (except perhaps in fall). However, I'm not concerned that a random bystander will stumble across it, as you would have to be out of your mind to get to that point if not for the geocache :P. The terrain rating system suggested 4.5 terrain, but I didn't feel it warrented that as it's vaguely level ground in itself, and put it as 3.5.

Final warning however... there's quite likely poison ivy, tons of woodticks, mosquitoes, possibly deer, and although I haven't seen or heard of any there for about 8 or 9 years... there was at one point bears and wolves spotted in there. However, their appearing there may have been entirely by fluke, much like other wildlife being found in populated areas.

Original contents are:
Logbook, pencil, and a sharpener
Roll of camouflage tape
Matchbox car x2
Rubber chicken
Rubber snake
Bouncy ball x2
3D dinosaur puzzle
Belt clip
Chainmaille ball
FTF prize (stainless steel chainmaille bracelet) & certificate

My third cache, and by far my most challenging... so I hope you enjoy the trek. I know I certainly did when placing it. Final note/warning though... if your name isn't in the logbook, it isn't on the website :P. The logbook pages can be seen over here, updated whenever I'm able.
Additional Hints
Ybbx sbe gur erq va gur gevnatyr Decryption Key

(letter above equals below,
and vice versa)

A taste of what's to come

Just a little bit of a taste of what you'll soon be inside of.

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