Kraid's Keychain Collection

Kraid's keychain collection geocaching travelbug
Released: Friday, November 24, 2006
Origin: Manitoba, Canada
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Current goal: To amass the greatest number of travelling keychains known to man!

About this item:
A whole big pile of random and different keychains attached in a bundle.A pile of keyrings with a green tube and travelbug tag attached to one end. As readers of the comic know, Kraid likes to collect things. Kraid has also heard from Kabs that in many, many geocaches, there's nigh-always a number of keychains sitting there, usually not-often traded out.

Kraid thought about this, and thought "Well, why not start collecting them?"
Kabs thought about this for a moment too, and realized that this was indeed an awesome idea. However, he did not want to hoard all of these keychains, as Kraid had also suggested (sigh, greedy, greedy Kraid).

Thusly... an agreement was reached. We would send out a travelbug to collect these keychains for all to see. Not only would more be accumulated, but everyone would get to see them.

1. If you want a keychain that's currently there, go for it. However, please TRADE, don't just take. If you take one off, put another one on. If you want several, put an equal number on.
2. If you have a spare keychain that you want to attach, go ahead and hook it on wherever you can and send the TB on it's way. Both Kraid and Kabs appreciate it's growth :}
3. If there's a keychain in a cache, and you have some spare swag, it'd be awesome if you could trade that spare swag for a keychain to attach to the TB. The more, the merrier.
4. If there's no more room to hook on a keychain, if possible could you toss another keyring or so onto there to allow it to grow? We don't anticipate this happening anytime soon, but you never know.

Originally, it should fit in most any 'small' cache. Ideally, it's size should constantly get bigger as keychains are added to it. Feel free to take comical pictures of it attached to your keys or trying to cram it into a purse or pocket or something :}
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