Personal Kabutracking Bug

A geocaching bag.
Released: Saturday, August 12, 2006
Origin: Manitoba, Canada
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Current goal: The mission of this bug is simple. It is attached to my geocaching bag, and will be with me while geocaching, tracking the distance I rack up if looked at on a cache-to-cache basis.

About this item:
Kabutroid's geocaching bag, with camera and GPS clipped to either side. The tag is attached to my ever-present geocaching bag (in addition to a smaller version on my car keys). Inside the geocaching bag is a veritable cornucopia of survival-type items. The items as of current are:

Garmin GPSMap 60Cx GPS (clipped to side)
Canon Powershot A510 digital camera (clipped to other side)
Five or six spare ziplock bags
Bag of signature chainmaille balls
- Regular size
- Micro size
- Nano size
Generic swag for trading
Any TB I happen to have picked up
Pair of thin cotton gloves
Three spare micro-pencils
Two spare micro-logbooks
Pencil sharpener
Mini maglight
Gerber Clutch multitool
Emergency silver blanket
Emergency medical kit
- Needle + thread
- Gauze
- Medical tape
- Antiseptic wipes
- Bandaids
About 6 feet of camouflage duct tape
Fisher space pen
Mechanical pencil
Emergency whistle
Silva Polaris compass
Four spare AA batteries
PalmOne Zire 31 palm pilot
Head lamp
Bushnell 8x21 binoculars
Two feet of 16-gauge stainless steel wire
Six feet of twine
String-figure string
Nylon strap with buckle
Pocket knife
Waterproof notepad
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