All your cache are belong to Kabs geocacheAll your cache are belong to Kabs
by Kabutroid [profile]
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N 49° 50.071 W 097° 06.800
UTM: 14U E 635671 N 5521939

In Manitoba, Canada
Hidden: 5/9/2007 - 5/16/2008
Use waypoint: GC12Q7D

Difficulty 1.5 Terrain 1

A relatively small cache, placed with permission at an easily accessible, relatively easy to find location.

This cache was placed to commemorate a cafe that I used to hang out at for countless hours... until it's untimely end in which it disappeared for five long years.

After said five years, it returned, but for the moment in a lesser form than it had once been. The owner has been very enthusiastic about geocaching since I gave him the details, and has been wanting to get into it. Given my history at the old location, I felt an urge to create a geocache to commemorate the old cafe at the beginnings of the new location. You do not need to go inside or anything to find the geocache, so no need to enter the building in any way.

As stated earlier, permission was obtained to place the cache here, and the owner himself is well on his way to starting geocaching as well. As well, he has informed me that geocachers are welcome to use his computers to log the cache find online, if you so wish.

Original contents are:
Logbook, pencil, and a sharpener
Small caribiner
Rubber snake
chainmaille ball
FTF prize (handmade stainless steel chainmaille bracelet) & certificate

My second cache ever placed. Final note/warning though... if your name isn't in the logbook, it isn't on the website :P. The logbook pages can be seen over here, updated whenever I'm able. As well, please close the cache correctly (ie: lid is secured in place) to keep it as watertight as possible.

Additional Hints
Jngpu lbhe fgrc Decryption Key

(letter above equals below,
and vice versa)

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