Go West Young Kabs

Go West Young Kabs geocaching travelbug
Released: Tuesday, February 6, 2007
Origin: Manitoba, Canada
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Current goal: To go WEST! I must go West! North... South... don't care one way or the other, so long as they're combined with West.

About this item:
A brass W with a travelbug tag wired onto it, beside a compass facing west, on top of leaves. I have discovered that I have an unusual obsession. To go West. No other direction will do... all that I care about... is West.

I don't mind if I go to a cache that's North or South of where I am... so long as it, if only slightly, is West of where I was. Please... West... I must go that way.

If I reach an ocean, or a lake, or y'know... it would seem that I can't go West any further... I want to cross the ocean, mountain, desert, or anything in my way and continue WEST!!!

So please... take me West. I beg of you. Also, if it's possible... take a picture of us with any signs that contain the word "West". I love even seeing the word.
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