Mother Brain's Shrunken Skull

Mother Brain's Shrunken Skull geocaching travelbug
Released: Tuesday, February 6, 2007
Origin: Manitoba, Canada
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Current goal: To travel from cemetery-cache to cemetery-cache. To visit as many cemeteries as possible. Especially the really old, obscure ones that haven't been touched in years (they're quieter, and eerier... which looks more interesting).

About this item:
A metal skull and crossbones, attached to a travelbug tag, being held in the dark. Mother Brain has died (read the comic Planet Zebeth for details). This... is what remains of her skull. She wishes to travel from cemetery-cache to cemetery-cache and see as many cemeteries as possible.

And pictures if possible... especially of the ancient, moss-covered ones that haven't seen activity in decades. Those are always more interesting to see.

Nuts to being buried in one... Mother Brain wants to visit them all!
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