Trabnagian Travelling Tradeable Travelbug

The Trabnagian Travelling Tradeable Travelbug
Released: Tuesday, April 22, 2007
Origin: Manitoba, Canada
Tracking: Click here to follow this travelbug

Current goal: To travel from cache to cache, trading the item contained inside as often as possible.

About this item:
A clear and blue pelican container, with a geocaching travel bug glued to the lid, and the title of the travelbug etched into the back. An inset image shows it closed with a chainmaille donut inside. The Trabnagian tribe was well known for their generosity (see the comic Planet Zebeth for details). For this reason, they decided to create a travelbug that's forever trading the item inside. Sure, items can be found from cache-to-cache, but items have less chance of being traded, as only people visiting THAT geocache may see it. The Trabnagians wanted tradeables to be more accessible... so they made it travel. And travel it shall!

If you want the item contained inside the Trabnagian's travelling tradeable travelbug, simply take it out and exchange it with something else! But remember the old adage... try to trade even or trade up. The Trabnagians were generous... so can you be too.

If you wish to trade the item inside, please post what you swapped it out for. It should be quite interesting to see what all cycles through this travelling container :}.

I'll be keeping track of the items that cycle through this travelbug on the actual travelbug page. The original item placed by myself however... was a "chainmaille donut", for lack of a better description.
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