Venni's cane

A coworker wanted a carved cane for their husband ^_^

Awww, a coworker of mine admired my work, and wanted to make a cane for her husband, Venni. So we picked out some symbols that we wanted, and put them on the cane for her.

We added the Ohm symbol, his name, Ganesha, Krishna written in Sanskrit, a right-facing swastika, and a lotus flower ^_^

February 2020

The Ohm symbol on the cane, just taken in a pink, somewhat messy room.Part of the husband's name carved into the side, and wrapping around.A symbol for Ganesha on the staff.The first part of the name Krishna carved into the wood.The second part of Krishna that wrapped around.The Hindu Swastika carved into the staff.A lotus symbol carved into the staff.

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