The Spirit Staff

Unlike the staff of souls, this does not contain souls

A spooky looking wooden staff.
I had this amazing piece of spruce here, and I was in a horror-themed mood, having just carved the Staff of Souls. Like... this is haunted looking wood, it's old, it's scraggly, it's raw. It's that wood that's been in the forest long enough that the bark has fallen off of it, but it's still bone hard. You don't want to get one that's been there too long, they start getting spongy and weak. Anyways, I had this beautiful piece, with those side branches coming out just enough to look intimidating. I was tempted to hang little lanterns from them, or something like that. Still might. That, that's a lot of lanterns, but like... 5 or 6? It might go. We'll see.

March 2020
The staff sitting up against a blue door, with all of the fake-spirits, or spirits-in-imagery-only going up the side. It looks like they're swirling up and down the staff. Several other staves are seen nearby, also winter boots and a scarf and stuff around the door.
A closeup of one of the fake-spirts, or carved out sections, it's really complicated to describe this when most of my things are spiritual lol. Anyways, the fake-spirits on this art-display staff look really cool, and this is a fairly close-up shot of two of them.ANother angle, showing more of the tails of some of the fake-spirits towards the bottom of the staff.

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