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A Medieval Trout A Medieval Trout
Awkward Zombie Awkward Zombie
Cryptic Club Cryptid Club
Goblins Goblins
Pixie and Brutus Pixie and Brutus
Pocketss Pocketss
Project Zebex Project Zebex
Savage Boredom Savage Boredom
Swords Comic Swords Comic
The Oatmeal The Oatmeal
VG Cats VG Cats
Cockeyed Cockeyed
Geocaching Geocaching
Greyhawkery Greyhawkery
Maille Artisans Maille Artisans
Metroid 2002 Metroid 2002
Metroid Database Metroid Database
Riverside Tarot Riverside Tarot
Shinesparkers Shinesparkers
Speed Demos Archive Speed Demos Archive
The Ring Lord The Ring Lord

Honourable Mentions: Fanboys, Oldskooled, Spacemoose

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The list o' links. These are the sites which I visit at least somewhat regularly. Visit them, they're good.