Tarot of Many Things

78 cards, and both Upright and Reversed have different effects

The Tarot of Many Things, more that can happen, miles and miles more!

So, in my research involving the Deck of Many Things, I had come across knowledge of a 78 card deck, a Tarot of Many Things. Oohhh, an interesting thing, so I looked that up, and there was like... only a handful of places where that was posted. More now actually, getting to that lol. I'm guessing Grog from Critical Role had something to do with that, but now there are actually several card rollers out there for this! Like oohhh, beaten to the punch but I can't complain. So thank heaven I didn't need to type all of that out on my own, so that's awesome.

And I thought I was going to be modifying the cards at first actually, like... writing on them all. Seems that isn't the case tho, I thought they'd all have different names or something. In either case, when I got to the store, they had three different sizes of this deck! So I'm like oohhhhh, I've got a choice here, so I kinda picked them all up, see which felt the best in the palm of my hand kinda thing. And yah this pocket version (as opposed to the miniature version), just felt the best and stuff, got the right heft to it and all that. A micro deck for a macro many things kinda thing lol. Not too micro tho, still readable.

And then there's the issue of getting this to fit inside the box with the cards, so that's the next tacklement.

So I converted it to image files (lines left in to edit if you want, you can create borders around the text!), and set off from there. Now how to attach the pages to eachother. I'd debated using the 'staple in the middle' method, but that just wouldn't work well with thicker paper, and also lining all of that up would be... man, I'd need an app to pull that off. So bookbinding it is, in a way.

And so, we came out with version one (top-right pic). Though on my first attempt at eyeballing this particular print shop's sizing it wasn't exact, but it was indeed the perfect width. And then, I discovered that a simple accordian fold just works! So, I've created a template for making micro-books in the bonus section, to do this again in the future. Do I do this to Zebeth in the future? The answer seems most likely, KABS, remember to do that every time you see this page.

SO YES, accordian-style folding of the pages. Need to tape every other outside seam (far better than every), but I'm going to be covering the entire thing in tape anyway. Protection and stuff, stronger, better than a glue-stick method. And thus brought us to our next difficulty... how to tape this thing up.

I took a swing at making the smaller-sized book (which also has a minor error! Fixed in second printout, v1 some numbers mis-ordered, like 01-05 Goblin, 06-10 Dwarf, a percentile like that, those were out of order, so that's fixed), and tried taping it up page by individual page, kinda on my lap so to speak. Now, added... fun to all of this, I wanted the overlapping lines of the tape to run horozontally rather than vertically, so I had to tape *across* the page, making it miles more difficult. I did it, to be fair, but man that put up a fight. Version 2 and stuff, you can see me trying to hang tape from above, but then settled on laying it across a big door thing my friend had kicking around where I was at. And that's the ideal, have the tape pulled tight tight tight, I had a heavy thing taped to the end hanging over the side. And then I could just lay the pages down onto the tape, and that, THAT made sure that they were all perfectly straight across the tape. And I had like no room for error, there was maybe a millimeter of overlap between the two strips of tape needed, wow just a heads up there. So yah, being able to tightly lay the paper flat across the tape was invaluable, SO much mental note for all of my future microbooks. Laying the pages out side by side was a bit difficult, more difficult actually. Kinda touch the corner down (yah working with tape is just...) right lined up with the other page, and then continue. And then, you can see that I kinda tabbed the tape on the tops and bottoms of the pages, alternating, so that there would (again) be an overlap line, but at least there would be the same number on each page. Like that tape-over-tape line will be on the top on one side and on the bottom on the other, kinda alternating. And then you re-accordion the taped pages, and tape all of the blank sides to eachother with those tabs.

Now, undersized booklet test subject 1 was first bound with just elmers glue, put a lot of that inside the seam and hold it squished there for an hour. So that didn't work even slightly, and we moved up to hot glue. And that was the ticket, that hot glue, of what I am able to get for this. Slightly flexible generally rubbery plastic that's mostly clear, get in there and bind all of those folds into a nice tight seam. Test booklet 1 was only squished for an hour after taping before its initial pva gluing, followed with the hot glue squished into the seams instead. The rest of the books, are getting squished overnight.

And following their subsequent squishing, the hot glue was applied to their bindings as well, and the final page/back cover was pulled back around, and they were squished yet again until said glue dried. With that, the final page and the back cover were taped together like the others, and the book was complete. The Tarot of Many Things.

Also don't forget there's Dennis.

Finished on May 20, 2022

And of course before we forget....

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