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A fly sitting on Kabutroid's arm Close up pic of a fly sitting on Kabutroid's arm

Tales of friendship and adventure with my little fly friends

Following is a collection of tales that I've had with my little fly friends, beginning in 2021. Of earlier ages, I've always grown up around houseflies. We accepted them crawling on you, all land on your leg, little tickley. Eat the salt. And they clean themselves, like constantly! Probably more than a cat Thinking face

So anyways, fly stories! Written chronologically from earliest to latest. Also, details of my spiritual fly Familiars here.

August 30, 2021

When one of these little guys takes to you. He's been exploring me for a few hours, comes back after I move around or get something. Lol, I think that when they've found that they can crawl on your face, they consider you friend Big smileyface
A fly on Kabutroid's arm, lil dot there near the elbow, just resting on a blanket. A fly on Kabutroid's wrist, right at the joint. Awwww, he's right on the back of my hand, kinda between the knuckles, curious lil fella.

November 14, 2021

Tales of a housefly

Have you ever had a housefly that was just so happy with his spot on you, that he literally got angry when you moved? A short story.

So this one housefly, he had learned that I was friend, and actually pretty quickly, discovered that *inside the palm of my hand* was like the warmest spot in the world. Just a naturally sitting hand, kinda 2/3rds closed, and he went and crawled in there, parking himself right along one of the crease lines. Yah, inside my 2/3rds closed hand (now THATS trust!)

So, as is natural requirement, ones hand isn't exactly fond of absolute nonmotion for extended periods of time, you want to stretch your fingers, move a muscle, anything. And this little guy was happy in there. It was warm! It was dark. The big safe thing was protecting it. Win win!

Now I held on as long as my poor begging-to-twitch hands could bear, and opened my hand after a bit. He just sat there still, three legs in the crease. Just chilling. Me, knowing that this would not last, tried nudging him out. He budged a bit, but was adamant. I gently half-closed my hand again for another few minutes. Naturally, I could only keep motionless for like half the time and opened it again. I tried nudging him again, and he flew up for a second, then *straight back down* onto the hand, same spot. He *liked* that spot.

AAAAAAUUUGGGHHH, I cannot remain motionless forever!

I gave him a bit more time, my poor hand aching. Finally, I opened it again and poked him once more. He FLEW UP in a huff, literally SWATTED my other arm by flying into me as hard as he could, then landed on my wrist just... perturbed. I apologized to him profusely (as I did through all of this lol), and he just sat there on my arm, his "warm cozy spot" not being available any more.

I AM SO SORRY LITTLE ONE! My muscles are unable to handle nonmotion for that length of time, and I didn't wanna squish your little feet that were tucked so deeply in my hand creases!

I'm pretty sure that one stayed with me for another few days (window is always left open in summer), and just hung around until he gallivanted off into the outdoors again. He likely kept landing on me off and on until then, most of the flies that came in did. They saw another housefly treat me as friend, shoot go land on that thing too! Lick the salt off my skin or whatever (they weren't biters).

Had about a dozen flies stay for several days this summer, so I have more tales if you're curious. The one that played hide and seek, the ones that got brave enough to land on my nose and forehead. That one guy one day landed *directly on my closed eyelid*, which I swear was a flex of "woah, check it out, I can land ON THIS THING'S EYEBALL!"

I have one little guy with me now, escaped the cold. It began snowing a few days after he came in, and he won't go back out the window now. It's taken this one a few days, but he's flying close to me often now, and follows me from room to room sometimes.
Tiny lil fly sitting on a plastic coathanger, just kinda looking downwards.

November 21, 2021

I appear to be up to four pet flies now lol. It's below zero out, has been for a week, but three days ago the third one made an appearance, and just today I spotted a fourth!

I'm assuming they're finding my place through the humidity from the bath in the vents? I'm not sure, but they're finding a friendly place lol.

Two of them are comfortable enough to regularly come near me, the new ones still need to warm up to me lol. They usually do faster when they see from the others that it's safe. None of them fly away when I'm near though and talking to them, so I imagine they'll emerge more often soon.

Yah I'm a bit worried about that one that's close to the window, I think she's the newest (I think they're all female???). I'll keep an eye on her.
Lil housefly sitting on the corner of a coathanger, white coathanger with a blue door in the background. Housefly sitting on the edge of a window frame, looking inside. Lil housefly on top the the window, looking downwards. Little housefly right next to the nearly ice cold glass, looking outside. Yeah, it's really cold out there now girl.

November 27, 2021

Fellow gobbos, I have a disgusting yet endearing story for you all. It involves houseflies.

So as some may remember, I have an affinity with houseflies, and they're all calm and stuff around me. And in the hayday of summer, a handful of them were welcome in my home, and took to being calm enough to land on me regularly. One of these was with me for several weeks.

Now, one day a female came in, and all was good in the world. They frolicked, had fun, several days were spent with them flying about my abode, happy as can be. Then the miraculous happened, and our resident female began to grow, and grow! And as her abdomen grew, the male excitedly danced about overhead, and the female as well, until she had found her place to stay, while being nearly too big to fly at all!

Directly. over. my. pillow. Not... not clinging to the hanger above the food dish or the mug with sugary leftovers? Nope, directly above your head! And they were excited, and happy, and calm when I came near and put my finger right beside them. Awwww, they had gotten to know the brood-mother so well, that the female was going to put her eggs right onto me, so that I might gestate her larvae!

And I lay there for a second, after noticing her perched directly. above. my. head. And I thought to myself... maybe... maybe she'll curve to the side, and aim for that dish. Nope, right above your head. Gonna... gonna lay those on my head there eh? Yup, directly in your eye!

Or in my ear. Or in my scalp. Or in my mouth. Y'know, I didn't really like any of these options. And she's all crawling about on the hanger right over my head, and the male is all flying around excitedly. And for a moment, a brief moment, I didn't want to let this beautiful dream change, and *hoped* that by some chance, they would choose the food dish.

Nnnnnnope, at some point reality popped in, and I didn't really want a festering pile of fly larvae inside of my eye socket. I took her little hanger, and brought it over to the bathroom, and put underneath her three dishes, and little blops of food around them in case she missed the dish when landing. And then I packed socks under the door frame because *u are not laying those in my eye socket I am so sorry I love you but I cannot grow those inside of my person*.

In the morning, she had chosen the bowl with the peanutbutter and jam inside, and I moved the little guys to the outdoors where they would have natural (not my eyeball tho) food and nature and stuff. And more fly families to grow up around.

And so, it could be perhaps that some of those came and visited later on, but this was the tale of how I almost had a fly lovingly lay her eggs on me.

Pic: fly patch that just arrived in the mail
A grey housefly patch with a white edging, sewn onto a grey canvas computer bag, placed on the back near the top, generally facing towards the handle of the bag.

December 4, 2021

Anyone ever meet one of these guys? It's story time, I gots a story for you.

So this is swampland, you're knee-deep in, may I say it, pristine glorious swampwater, the reeds grow strong, a net of roots beneath your feet, the water so clear, you can make out every leaf of a fern.

You're merging through the grasses, like a large mammal, an animal in the ecosystem. The dragonflies float around you, moving in unison, or taking their flight arounds. You are in harmony with the atmosphere.

A dragonfly gets in your face, moving erratically and getting direct attention. Not five feet in front of you, a pine beetle sits at the top of a tall reed, nearly at chest height. The swamp grows calm around you, and you approach the beetle. Moving your hand forward, she excitedly scampers onto you, racing up your arm as fast as she can. You can feel it, the swamp can feel it, she is excited! The big monster thing is letting me crawl on it! Oh she took off like a dart, just full tilt, you quickly swing your other hand up to lead her onto that hand, and she pauses for a moment, then speeds up your other arm. You can almost feel her smiling as she races along.

She races too fast however, and your skin is not coarse, and she plummets into the waters beneath. The swamp is calm, despite this calamity. You feel all is well, and she had almost fallen off in a dizzy joy, ecstatic about the monster that she could climb on.

And that's how I met a pine beetle. Yah the swamp was calm, despite her falling and despite them all watching. She had a good day, I think Smiley face
A picture of a pine beetle, a black beetle about an inch long with like 2 inch long antennae

December 14, 2021

Another fly story

Also telling it so I can remember it better myself

The fly who told me that it doesn't like apples.

So, one of my household flies this summer, I discovered liked sugary things. Like, when I left my mug out, he would especially crawl inside if there was iced tea residue in there, or sugary hot chocolate. So one day I left the big iced tea jug out, like just a 4liter milk thing I filled with iced tea, like it was empty and closed but there was that slight bit of sugars on the outside. And he LOVED that. Would crawl around on it constantly from the moment I put it out.

Now, one time I was eating an apple, and kinda asked it if he wanted any. He's crawling around there, so I try putting a little chunk on the top of the lid. I take my hand away, and like right away, he flies up, lands on it, then flies up again and lands to the side, rubbing his hands all heavily, like his feet were sticky! I hadn't thought of that and hadn't left him room to stand on the lid with it too!

So I take the apple piece away, and he's all watching me, and I replace it with a little tiny piece. He flies up, lands on the lid, and tastes the apple a few times. Then he then went and landed back on the side of the jug, and crawled around on there all happily.

Like awwwww, he noticed that I was giving him food, and then he like... knew to show me that he liked the side of the jug more (I was all cajoling him and sweet talking him whenever he excitedly tasted something of mine, so he... knew this animal's emotions or something lol). So yeah... his little tiny insect brain knew to show me that he liked this more, and I made sure the jug was always out for him Smiley face

So yeah, little fly story Smiley face Housefly

<no fresh pics just earlier fellas>

December 21, 2021

Another fly story

This one from outside!

It was late in autumn, the air getting crisper, and the grass was getting dry. I decided to hike out to a nearby forest edge to sit, and leave some peanuts for the forest critters of the area (and to kinda sit in nature, but you've gotta bring treats for the animals).

So a few minutes after I sat down, two BIG flies landed on me. Like the guy in the pic (tho not this exact one), just a built looking thing. One on my leg, one on the edge of my jacket.

So I sat there for a few minutes talking to them, "hey there big guy, how you doing today? Finding lots of food I hope?", and that type of thing. So all of a sudden, the one on my leg went into absolute i.n.v.e.s.t.i.g.a.t.e. mode, like I have never seen a fly move so mechanically. If I had to put an attitude behind it, it would be "I am taking up the important position at this point and investigating it for trouble and/or food", like hardcore. So he lands on my hand, and in the most mechanical "I will see what you are" mode that I've ever seen, he strictly set himself to climbing over my hand, almost seeming to avoid eye contact or something, and very mechanically marched all over it once or twice, before flying off without a word. Just... wow, you had a job to be done and you just went and did exactly that there, eh?

Now I'm not sure what exactly he was after, because these beasts **could** have bitten me, I have no doubt in my mind about that. But he didn't, none of them did. He just... investigated the giant pink monster and took off without a glance at me. Very strange.

His friend stayed around for another few minutes, resting on my jacket, and I kept on talking to him for a bit. I wished to them that my peanuts would draw in a mouse perhaps for them to attack and eat (I'm rooting for the fly right now I'm sorry lol), and at some point, when I glanced down again the second one had taken off too. So a bit of an unusual fly story for you, that one fly who was just... set on checking me out after stopping by for a minute Big smileyface
A brown hornet maybe? A really really big outdoor fly, that most certainly looks like it bites, on Kabutroid's denim jeans.

December 21, 2021

One more housefly story

This is the story of the fly that almost got sucked out the window on a windy day but made it back in.

So this summer, this one housefly had come in through my open, screenless window to let birds and such in, and stayed with me for about a week. The window was opened every day, but he never left, just enjoying the safety, food scraps, and my pleasant nature. He would often crawl over my empty coffee mug to lap up anything on the walls, or my food bowl, and was happy just chilling in my space.

So he's been with me for a week, friendly as can be, and often followed me around the apartment and landed on my back if I was hunched over working on an art piece or something.

This one day, it was windy outside, and I left the window closed. Normal occurrence, I'd left it closed one or two other days. At some point, I picked up a leaf off the carpet, and opened the window momentarily to toss it out. Now, I almost had thought that I saw a black dot zip past, but chalked it up to fear at the moment. A few moments more passed, and I called out to my friend, seeing nothing.

I fearfully looked out the window, and there on the outside edge of the windowsill was my little fly friend, clinging to the wood, the wind whooshing past him. Terrified of losing my friend, I opened the window, and he didn't move. The wind, he didn't want to be carried away! I maneuvered my hands to create a wall between him and the wind, and he *s*h*a*k*i*l*y* flew inside again, like... stutter-flying. I swear we were both having a heart attack lol. He landed on the inside sill, and I quickly closed the window. He immediately after closing it, flew up and landed on the glass a few times, making sure it was solid. After a few moments of rest, he returned to normal, and we went about our day again.

I could tell he was scared of the window after that though, and would avoid going near it, and even on calm days I could see him avoiding the window and acting agitated and scared if I opened it. That was the several weeks that the window stayed closed entirely, as I didn't want him to be scared again. He stayed with me for the rest of his days, playing in the food bowl or flying happily in circles around them in the morning to greet me when I woke up. The morning that his old age caught up to him, I found him near the bed on the ground (looking frantically because he wasn't flying around me that morning), still just partially twitching. I held him in my hand, letting his still moving arm to grip my fingerprint ridges until he lay still. He was definitely the fly that got closest to me, and saw me as a friend for all of his indoor life.

I still think about this guy, resting on the hangers above my bed, or flying around and landing on my arm, or eating what's left in my mug. He was the friendliest of them ❤

Photo: I think this is actually him, of the housefly photos in my phone Hearts faceHousefly
That earlier picture of a fly on near Kabutroid's elbow again.
<oh my goodness this poor little guy!>

January 3, 2022

One more fly story

So this one involves that housefly that almost got sucked out the window on a windy day but made it back inside. At some point during his stay, I was... y'know, having regular baths and such, and I noticed that after he entered the room while I was in there, he flew around staggeredly before retreating to by the door. I opened the window a crack, and within minutes he returned to investigate.

Now this guy had trust in me, like... wow I've never seen this before. So he took a few test landings on me, on various parts of my leg that were out of the water or my arm. And at some point, and I could tell he was doing this, he was trying to find a position where he could cling as close to the water as he could, in the steamy warmth (maybe he just had to get used to the steam a bit, or the window helped or the water cooled slightly), while still being in a position where if he fell he wouldn't land in the water. He started out by like... just walking on my leg close to the water, and soon found... k like, my knees are out of the water and my legs resting against eachother to one side kinda thing, and he clung to my left leg *right* where the legs met, and right at the water line. So like... the water was right at that point of the legs touching eachother (man I was so still at this point I didn't want to make a ripple), and he clung to the upper leg, kinda partially upside-down, hanging directly above the other leg so that if he fell, he would land on the skin of the lower leg, just a sliver above the water level.

And the little guy stayed like that, for I dunno, ten, fifteen minutes or something. I didn't move, he didn't move, and we just sat there enjoying the water, the slight breeze coming in, and the steam of the water. It was gorgeous.

He always followed me to the bath after that, and I always had the (screened) window open a crack (which also taught me to do this for future houseflies lol). Not in the same place necessarily, but he would be on my leg, or my arm, or on the shower curtain, or just flying from one spot to another. Just relaxing, thinking, and feeling my little fly friend crawl around on me Smiley face

Another fly story

<he loved that little bath!>

January 26, 2022

The fly that I played hide and seek with

So one more fly story for you still. This one was with that fly that almost got lost in the wind.

So after several weeks with me, this fly had developed a behaviour of sorts. K, some backstory. So like, I loved this thing, I'd... chat with it regularly, it flew in happy circles over the food plate in the mornings, like, it was happy. And ok now I'm going on assumptions here, but I figure that the fly learned that by making me happy, it gets happier, because I pay more attention to it and like chat and stuff, send good vibes.

So, after weeks in here, his little fly brain had developed a game, and it was called "be all visible to her, and like happy dance and stuff, and then suddenly use my fly hiding skills to jump out of sight, and then stay there until she spots me". Honest to heavens, it had developed this game, where it would fly around all visible, and then go hidden at some time after a few seconds, and then when I spot him, the second my eyes lock onto him, he crouches down! He was waiting for me to spot him, and then crouched to let me know that he knows I spotted him! And then I'd be all excited and sending good vibes and he'd pick up on that, and it's a feedback loop. He created a hide and seek game with me!

And that's the fly that learned how to play hide and seek. We played it like 5 or 6 times, different rooms and stuff. Kitchen a handful of times. He probably did it a few times before I picked up on it too, so cool, he played a game with me!

I also played 'chase', with him, where he'd like... half-effortly fly around the room and I'd like... chase him, and half-grasped towards him and stuff. The goal was to get like about... a foot from actual contact I guess, was our goal and stuff. We played that a few times Smiley face

So another fly story for you Smiley face

<he was so happy!>

February 6, 2022

Alright. Alright alright alright alright alright, one more fly story. The fly that looked for me.

I'm not sure if this is a mark of their intelligence, or whether this thing had bonded with me a bit. My bit is on the latter, so hear me out.

So, during my many baths, this fly had taken to wandering in for a minute, buzzing about, then flying out of the room again. So this one bath, I had the curtain closed this time, and the door open a crack for him. Just... of vaguely wondering if he will come in and I won't be able to see him, like he didn't come in every bath.

But sure enough, 3/4 of the way through my usual soaking, we see a lil fly appear at the top of the curtain, and he buzzes down in a spiral kinda, hovering over me for a few seconds, then spirals his way back up and over the top again. The lil guy had found me missing and went looking for me Worried face

So that's the tale, of the fly that went looking for me

<awwwww, where... where'd she go Worried face>

March 30, 2022

These flies seem to be getting to know us, my friend who I'm presently living with and I. They must have been hibernating somewhere since they showed up in March, possibly from the basement. I told my friend of my tales, and started talking to these little critters.

It's taken about a week, but they've started acknowledging us (I told you they were intelligent), deliberately getting into my vision, and then leading me to another room where he just... hung out. This just happened in the past few days, they showed up about 2 weeks ago, and I've been talking to them any time I see them, and just now (computer was under repairs for half a year), it definitely deliberately led me from the room to the central area, where it just kinda perched on the fan's pull chain.

When I started talking to it, it crunched down onto the chain, like friendly like. It was letting me know it's friend. Like my friend came up here too, since this was all big and stuff, and talked to it too. And I warned it away from the cats, like I've been doing, talking gently to them, then talking... cautionarily towards the cat, pantomiming as much as I can. And he like lets us get close to him, within a foot or so. D'awwwww, he's starting to know us.
A fly hanging from the edge of a lampshade. Two flies on the lampshade, on somewhat opposite sides from eachother, with a white livingroom wall and a window in the background.

June 08, 2022

Yet another tale of the housefly chronicles, the fly that danced with me

So our most recent housefly that I vibed with, she has taken up dancing with me (I think it's a girl). So, it kinda started out with four houseflies kinda congregating on a light fixture (lIiiIiIight anyways), and they've generally either come and gone, but one seems to have stayed around. I've chilled with her a fair number of times, come stand near the light fixture, generally stand still and in... what I can only call my fly posture, standing up with my arms drawn up around my face like little mandibles or something. A friend took a pic of me clung to a wall vibing with her lol, I felt completely like a fly Smiley faceHousefly

So anyways, in my dozen or so greetings at the lamp, I've generally tried like... moving around with them, when they go into 'fly mode' and kinda circle around, I'll kinda bob around, generally not walk but just kinda dance, keep my arms pulled in and stuff. Today though, I showed up, generally talked to her, and she started flying and I started bobbing, and she totally got into my sight and started to dance. Like, fly directly towards my face a bit, circle around, no erratic flying, just circle and stay with me. And we danced like that a few times. She tested me once or twice, dart out of my vision, see what I do, five seconds later go directly in front of me again, and danced. And when she stopped, I stopped, a few times, and then when I started, she started Smiley face. I was making coffee too, so I went and got my water (I'm like talking to her like I'll be right back, and wave to her with my finger mandible, and I'd swear there's been a few times where she's waved her arm in return), and I like make my coffee and go and stand with her again, and I swear, you lock into place. You don't move like normal, I kinda plotted myself onto a spot, not glide into it kinda thing, pretty instantly go into a still mode, and just kinda freeze there with her, she's all dangling off the lamp, and I'm just standing there completely still with coffee in my hand.

And then after a bit I kinda moved to this chair here and typed this, and she's just kinda vibing above me right now. And yeah, this is the tale of the fly that danced with me, and at least the one that I've connected the most with while clung to the wall like that lol. Little housefly friend Smiley faceHousefly

Also, groom yourself at the same time as they do that, they like that Smiley faceHousefly

Later- And the flies, they danced with me again, about two days later, this time bringing a friend. My cute little friend found me in my room, and had a little friend with him! We gathered near the closet, and they generally took turns dancing around with me. They eventually got me into the position shown in the third pic, as they were slowly moving from dancing with me almost upright, to slowly pulling me down towards the floor lol, maybe to be more comfortable for them. I danced about, and they danced below my fingers, often landing on them and riding with me. It was mainly the new one that was dancing with me, and the familiar one sat just beside us on a cabinet edge, occasionally joining the dance before returning to the cabinet. After we danced for a while, and my back began to get sore, I cajoled and talked with them, thanking them for their time, and promptly got my friend to take that pic of me hunched over lol. And anytime I went into my room that day, the two of them were dancing about by the closet. They eventually found their way outdoors several days later Smiley face
Housefly looking down at me from the lampshade, the picture taken looking up. Kabutroid kinda hunched against a small corner in the kitchen, a minor outjut of a wall, with the lampshade in the connected room about four feet away. If you zoom in, you can see the fly on it. Kabutroid hunched over a grey carpet in a hallway, with her arms pulled up with her fingers dangling down, imitating the position that she was in when dancing with the flies with her fingers, letting them land on them and swoop around them and stuff.

July 20, 2022

Becoming one with the forest flies.

I befriended a pack of flies in the forest today. Some backstory, not sure if it's related. K so like, the mosquitoes came first, when I got to my sitting spot, I had like... 5 mosquitoes attack me ardently, and then they just kinda stopped trying. And then like 40 seconds laterish, a handful of flies come and check me out, and I get those few pics of some, and one wanted to bite me so I let him (it was a needle type of biter), and we kinda did that back and forth a few times with me talking to him, he got 3 bites outta me before I like was leaving anyway, and I walked about 30 feet away, and I took a few pictures, and then this swarm kinda came up around me and danced with me.

It was almost magical. The phone was in my hand when this happened, so I just pressed record and laid it on my chest. A short video shows our dance, please click here to see it. They danced in threes and fours, dozens of them, happily dancing and playing around eachother and around myself. I twiggled my fingers up in the air to dance with them, and talked with the ones landing nearby. At least 60 of them, in one screenshot. They danced and played, and the buzzing in the air was wonderful. I danced with them a bit (I turned off the camera when I stood up), and after several minutes of dancing about, the swarm dispersed, and all was back to normal, a quiet, grassy meadow. It was magical.
A purple thistle flower in a forest, green foliage and poplar trees out of focus in the background, and one large bloom with several unopened flower buds in the center of the pic. Lavender purple puff on top, with a dark green elongated head coming off of a strong stem. A big ol' needle fly on Kabutroid's pants, a closer up shot. It's got yellow lines separating the eyes and proboscus on its head, and the usual translucent grey wings. He's grabbing onto the denim. Three of these flies on my jeans, two on the left leg, one on the right. They're generally just chilling there, with me sitting in the grass. A bunch of little white flowers with a slightly yellow middle, a yarrow plant. A closeup of the flowers with long grasses and other plants in the background. The leaves of an unknown shrub, pairs of leaves coming from either side of the branches, with branches coming off the main stem every few inches. This is a pic looking upward at one, with the forest trees outside the clearing and the sky in the background, partially clear with dusty white clouds here and there, and darker clouds moving in from the left.
Looking up at the fly swarm, after I had laid down. In this view, generally darker grey clouds now overhead, over sixty flies are visible as little black dots, further and closer, above Kabutroid. Kabutroid with her fingers out, dancing with them towards the swarm above her. The swarm above, this time slightly to the right of directly above her, generally straight above. The swarm of flies, now somewhat more to the right of the photo, appearing as dozens of black dots of varying size, with the darker grey clouds overhead. A similar pic, but with a particularly noticeable closeup fly for this pic, it was blurry but, there is text that says 'another link to the video', so this image can't be zoomed in on since it's a link, and the fly is just noticeable for the thumbnail to the video.

July 29, 2022

A facebook post, with Kabs posting 'similar folk', and two pictures posted, one of Kabutroid herself with a fly on her head, and the 'Portrait of a Woman of the Hofer Family' painting beside it, the famous painting of a woman with a fly on her head. A 'Craiyon prompt', an AI drawing of the phrase 'houseflies playing chess', and showing a set of nine unusual drawings of houseflies playing chess, most of the images have the houseflies as slightly larger than the chess pieces, and generally it's of one or multiple houseflies standing on a chess board, facing one of the pieces.

August 13, 2022

So, this year's flies seem to have taken a liking to me! It started out with weeks of them only sparingly landing on me, with the occasional one touching down for a brief few seconds. These are different ones from the last entry. In just the past two days, it's elevated from landing on my legs or arms and staying there for 20 seconds at a time, maybe some exploring, to the general house's population staying in my room.

Y'see, I'd noticed that the flies tended to spread themselves out, generally tending to stay to just one or two flies per room, perhaps keeping an eye on the swarm's territory. In these past few days, where I've been talking to them constantly, and shooing the cats out of the room to show them I'm protecting them (when I'm around), its gone from those one or two familiar ones, to the full set of them spending the night in my room (or at least beginning the night there). I went to sleep with no less than 6 sets of compound eyes on me, spread about on various locations, all clearly visible and not attempting to hide (yet high up where the cat's can't reach). When I woke up, a mere two were immediately visible, and within five minutes of me stirring, up to ten had appeared on the windows and cabinetry, just all pleasantly watching, the new hangout spot. The previous 'hangout spot' was that one central lamp hanging near the livingroom, and while one is usually still posted there, the majority today have taken to being with the friendly giant.

And so I sit here, with ten sets of compound eyes watching the room, or playfully crawling about on the window. It's quite warm, so I imagine most of them are in rest mode to keep from overheating. None landed on me at night, nor would I suspect that they would, being too small to want to land on the giant creature that moves unexpectedly at night, and no fly eggs have been spotted, though if they are (if the flies aren't just laying them outside to begin with when the doors are open), any young'uns will be placed outside to grow in their natural habitat. Otherwise, this seems to be a little microcosm of balance, with all of the household flies (seemingly around 10, possibly up to 15 for the scouts in the other rooms), now seeing the giant person monster as friend, and wanting to hang around this nonharmful being.

I will keep you filled in on where they go, though I suspect the balance will remain through the rest of summer as the doors are opened and closed.
Three houseflies on the side of a window, and one on the glass, tree leaves visible on the other side. Four more houseflies sitting on the closet door, generally looking down but in different directions, or at least standing in slightly different directions. A housefly sharing my coffee, sitting on the outside of my red coffee mug and eating the sugar traces on the side.

August 18, 2022

A giant housefly toy, about 3 inches long, sitting on a bed. A housefly is several inches away, pointing at it, or so it looks like. The fly was actually walking towards the toy at the pic, with its arm out. It's like he's pointing at a giant statue of himself.
Housefly toy acquired.

September 03, 2022

It seems the microcosm has maintained, in a way. So as it turns out, we had a full pod of houseflies, and one day soon after that August 13th entry, I discovered dozens of them sitting on the window screen, happily waiting to leave.* Like a beautiful breath of fresh air, I opened the screen and released all my friends, shiny and new, swarming off into the day. It took several more releases before the bulk of my litter was gone, and it quickly returned to there only being about 10 flies inside. It seems I've convinced them to limit their numbers inside. Over the weeks, I've been talking to the remaining few, and at a point, it seemed a larger number was inside, nearly twenty. I talked with them, and like a mother to her cubs, told them of the outside world, the vast blue, with the smells of fresh flowers, leaves, and moist earth. A horizon that stretches farther than you could ever dream, delights, smells, and wonders around every corner. I told them that the inside was but a small fraction, just a crumb, of the incredible things outside. I spoke with my swarm, I talked to them as they sat near a screen, as they looked out the window. A swarm is not meant to stay inside, you must spread, my friends! You must adventure the world, you cannot stay locked up in here, there is too much outside! Your place is outside, my friends, this is where you must strive to go. And the numbers dropped. It returned to a stasis of about 10 houseflies in the house again, with any number leaving, or even returning when the door is left open so that the cats can wander around outside. It always seems to hover around 10 now.

* hover mouse over happily waiting

Their litterboxes, as it were, consisted of three places in the house, they are like housecats, quite a bit. They certainly clean themselves as much as one (see video at bottom, that's like... every time after they fly lol). And as with my previous address, they only 'use the toilet' in certain places, in this case one particular glass lamp shade, and one venetian window blind. I've cleaned up the rare other dot, but to be serious, it really, really is only in one or two spots, I've been watching out for these like a hawk.

And I do tell my swarm, the ten remaining in the house, that any that new fellas (they seem to keep balance, like I said) that land on a screen... that outside is the place to be. And I release them, with joy and passion, telling them to explore the world, go far and near, adventure around, see the sights and smell the smells! And a handful of them still stay in the area, when I go and sit in the back yard. The occasional one will still land on me, and look at me with knowing, with kind eyes. And they will sit there with me, hopping back and forth from arm to arm, until they eventually wander off on their way. No, I teach my swarm not to get too attached though, and that outside is the place to be. But they maintain balance, seemingly keeping to about ten flies in total inside, maintaining this number for weeks now. Small ones show up, and quickly wait at the screen. A handful stay, one or two older flies, and a handful of young ones, learning the place of kindness, landing on my legs. The cats even, have learned that flies are friends, and leave them alone. Occasionally their instincts kick in, and so I continue to warn the flies against going too near to the cats, and we seem to have harmony. The houseflies balance now, and clean themselves constantly when not tussling with a sibling or snacking on a droplet of coffee. And I keep repeating it that they clean themselves constantly, just to remind everyone that they *are* actually quite clean. Standard litter box spot, and they're constantly cleaning the slightest spec of dust from themselves. A wonderful little swarm.

And so, with one dancing about my feet and sharing my coffee, we have a happy balance. They seem to be listening to me, my emotions, and seek to go outside, minus my few that remain inside. I am part of the swarm now, and have become known to the insects outside as well. Travelling four blocks away, I've sat in the grasses and was instantly befriended by the local flies and wasps, all types seemed to be at peace with me. Which brings me to that story as well, parcelled into this one. Between the last few entries, I went out to a dense patch of grasses and trees four blocks away. And literal seconds after settling in, I had this one little fly, a tiny one, on display fighting/training with an older sibling in front of me, after which he basically took up my arm as his primary 'guard spot'... and was jumping up and battling other little flies before landing back on me again. Shortly after, it quickly evolved into everyone being allowed to land on me. I was one with the swarm, and one with the insects. I had one wasp literally preen at me, and at least two ants travelled and investigated me. Several other insect types came and sat beside me as well, staying just feet away and chilling. Not a single bite. Just one of the swarm.

They were sitting, relaxing, and making directly eye contact with me. Either word got out from the house, or I can just vibe with them instantly, because I literally had one sitting on me before going there. The insect Spirits may have been helping us as well. Somehow, four blocks away in the trees, they all connected with me instantly.

My little swarm, I am definitely part of a swarm here. And they're regulating their numbers inside. And one is dancing on my toes as I type this Smiley face
 A fly perched on Kabutroid's forehead, on a couch with a door and an open room in the background. A fly sitting on the edge of a window screen, waiting to be let out. He's all bright and shiny, waiting in the sunlight. Two flies on the screen, waiting to see the big outdoors. One is the larger one from the last pic, and the other is a smaller one, both of which ventured into the great outdoors moments after this photo was taken. A fly on my arm, in that grassy patch mentioned above. A closeup of a fly from that grassy patch, sitting on the denim of Kabutroid's leg A fly sitting directly on Kabutroid's finger, in that grassy patch. A fly sitting on Kabutroid's foot, inside again. A housefly sitting on the corner of Kabutroid's laptop screen, with a browser open and a wooden desk in the background.

September 07, 2022

I dance with the flies now. They know me. Y'see, a fly can easily dart out of your vision. Whether by evolution or training, they know how to tell if your eyes are trying to follow them, and how to get away from that. These flies... they dance with me. They deliberately get in my vision, lead me forward, towards the swarm. They dance, they play, they keep in my vision, as they would another of their swarm. Play with me for a few seconds, dart off and look at something else. Play with another fly. Dance around. Go from one fly to another. Three of them together, they all try to come as close as they can to eachother, circle around, and fly off, from that central pivot spot. No collisions, unless they're tussling. I am part of them. They have tussled with me as well, as much as they're daring to go near the giant 20 story creature. The thing that can move walls (doors). They will tussle with my hair, of the odd time one has been daring enough to wrassle with me. They will fly into my hair, buzz and tangle around, and fly off again, just like tussling with another fly. They fly and they tussle, and I am one. They follow me to my room sometimes, let me know they're around. They often sit at the central gathering area, a lampshade that hangs from the ceiling at about head height. By propping myself still near the lampshade, I am effectively sitting on it with them. They dance and they play (tussling is really quite uncommon in the central area, surprisingly), and they float around. Often only one or two will fly off of the lamp (or the corner of the wall nearby), dance with eachother, and the others will stay. Other times, one takes off and then they all take off, in a glorious dance of five or six flies all swirling around eachother. Of course I'm dancing too Smiley faceHousefly

And if it isn't enough, my latest Dungeons and Dragons character Kabu-Galag is a Thri-Kreen insectile warrior Cracking up laughing face
Five houseflies all sitting on the lampshade. A fly sitting on a corner of a wall, with several of them flying around, and text saying 'Video of my 2022 swarm'

September 14, 2022

Fly Eyes Glasses, blue glasses on a green packaging. A fly stands proudly while wearing a belt beside the title Kabutroid wearing the glasses and looking... *unbelievably* silly, and a little bit amused A fly sitting on a post in Kabutroid's closet The previously thought vision that a fly would have, of Kabutroid's bed here, kinda pixellated hexagonal facets that each show a slightly different view, with blurring inbetween. Inaccurate, given new understanding from a March 2022 study, they seen in full fine detail vision, the facets of their eyes can move and change shape! What a fly correctly sees, basically the same as us! Being as I took the original photos long before learning this, I have recreated the scene as close as possible, but with taki's chips in the corner instead of the blurry green bag lol. A photo from across the room of Kabutroid's bed and computer, with miscellaneous dungeons and dragons modules and the harrow deck of many things sitting nearby, and those chips on top of the pillow in the corner.
What does a fly see

Answer: Apparently the same thing as us!

I literally just discovered this in November of the same year: March 2022 study (Nature article, University news release), compound eyes (as tested in fruitflies, honeybees, and wild flies) see in fine detail stereo vision! Yah, they stated that given the abilities they have (they can adjust each facet, they move in certain ways), that they'd be able to put together a vision that's basically the same as ours. So that's cool! University press releases and stuff, SO cool. So yah, they see like normal!

So that's just all kinds of cool, kinda blew my mind a bit. I'm still keeping this picture up, obviously, as a nod to their cute little compound eyes. But yah, they can see in normal stereo vision. Cool.

September 19, 2022

There's a handful of flies that like to hang out around me at work now. I'm not sure if they do that to other people, but immediately, almost immediately after... well, I didn't harm them or swipe at them, and talked to them like I do my flies at home, wiggling my fingers and such. Pretty immediately after, they felt calm enough to land on me, walk on my hands, even stay within inches of me say... moving a piece of paper or something, like doing it carefully of course, but they don't fly off when I'm moving stuff around, they know I'm watching out for them. So I'm friends with those too now.

The flies at home are... pretty much the same as the last time that I spoke about them. A handful of tiny new flies show up, them and larger ones go to the screen and leave at regular intervals, there's no large numbers anywhere, the biggest swarm that I see is about five. It's going well. And come winter, either they'll hibernate in the basement, or I'll shuffle them out as best I can. Flies in the house, a handful, it's never honestly been a problem, like in regular day to day, growing up or anywhere. Might see three in the basement in winter, growing up. And like I said, they clean themselves *literally* more often than cats do, and walking around with a disposable wet-wipe periodically takes care of the 'dot spots' lol. They'll come and greet me here and there, just to come and say hi. Fly by and crawl on my paperwork for a few minutes before going back to their usual hangout. And the same with them, I'll go and look for them in their usual spots, usually find one or two, say hi, chill with them. I'm a fly Smiley faceHousefly

And they dance with me. If I come across that set of five all together, one will start dancing and I'll start dancing and everyone starts dancing, and I don't know who joined first, but we're all dancing HouseflyHousefly

September 21, 2022

How to befriend the flies

So, I've noticed one thing, about the flies in public and the flies at home. Now, when I'm out, if a fly lands on my leg or my book or somewhere (usually not skin initially), they will just sit there and look at me at first. I'll talk to them and nod at him/her, and do my finger wiggling thing while talking to them.

And lemme get into this.

Ok, the finger wiggling, is my trying to mimic them moving their front arms around. I don't want to move my full limbs because we're giant and enormous, and that's scary, so I just wiggle my finger, or not at all, if they're standing close to my hand. So that mimics their arms, in theory.

Now, nodding my head. First, with the flies at home, I noticed they get a lot more relaxed when I nod my head between sentences while talking to them. Just turns out that way, figured it out early into them staying here, and observing them. I nod my head, and they'll get relaxed, either clean themselves or just sit still. The ones at home sometimes just nod just their head in return, I think they learned that one from me.

Ok, now the reasoning that I'm putting together with all this. Now I assume my head-nodding mimics them when they're cleaning their heads. Now, flies generally only clean themselves when they feel not afraid and safe, so head bobbing is basically, as far as I can tell (I've never seen them bob their head otherwise, in flight or anywhere else), just that, cleaning yourselves. So, putting that together, with the behaviour that I witnessed early on, my head bobbing (which I start a doing specifically to mimic their movements) I assume makes them think that I feel safe enough to clean myself. That's what makes the most sense out of this, they only bob their heads when cleaning, they clean around eachother, and when it's safe, I'm essentially cleaning myself. So they're relaxed, and generally I've kept this up all through summer, and they're used to it.

SO, back to the ones in public. Now, they usually don't nod back to me like the ones at home, but they'll start to clean themselves around me and on me, as I talk to them and nod my head (on the bus lol). They're relaxed. And they'll immediately start searching around, crawling over my hand or page, cellphone screen. I'm not moving, or I move slowly if I do, while talking to them. And yah I just let them go nuts, taste the screen for a snack tidbit, get the salt off my arms. Even if I move suddenly (something bus happens), they'll swirl around a bit and hang close. These guys got moves too, dodging between handrails and stuff. So I think that's why they'll circle pretty near, just... something startled the big giant thing, let it calm down and it should be good. And yah, they crawl on me, and have fun and stuff.

Talk to them and nod your head, those are the big things.

October 7, 2022

A homemade grey cube with a fly sitting on it. This is actually a model of a cube shaped planetoid in dungeons and dragons. It's dark grey yet silvery shiny, with tons of tiny black speckles, and a brown and green garden near the shiny silver fortress. The fly stands on it right in front of the fortress, as though guarding it. I actually took like 20 photos of it wandering around on the thing, but this one looks incredible. The cube is sitting on green fabric in the sun, and the fly is crystal clear, with the shadow coming off of him and light coming through the wings just a little bit. He's just standing there all happy, because he's all hanging out around me, and probably just relaxing as I took the picture.
The Cube of Kolyoral, a very fly-related thing. Also dungeons and dragons.

October 19, 2022

My fly friends Smiley faceHousefly
Housefly on a lamp shade Two houseflies on the lamp shade Housefly on a lamp shade

April 29, 2023

So we befriended our first fly in England! There was a few attempts prior to this, a larger outdoor fly that flew off when I got too close, and several tiny moths that found their way into the room. But then this fly came in today, about the size of the usual ones back in Canada, and she landed on the chandelier. And so, I started talking to her, and nodding my head (see last text post).

And she started cleaning herself as I was nodding my head, and I twiggled my finger to her as I spoke, and kept nodding my head. And then she started flying, and I started bobbing my head back and forth on the bed that I was sitting on (my Abby was kinda curled overtop of me). And I mimicked the fly's movement while keeping eye contact, and then, you know that you've connected with them, when they begin mimicking your movements as well. There is one blue wall here, that is difficult to keep track of the fly when that is in the background, so I couldn't keep perfect movement with it, and it was after that that I noticed the fly mimicking my movement instead. Rather than sharp, small zig-zags, she started doing larger, swayier movements like my head and upper torso. And then she would land on the chandelier, and I would stop dancing as well, and talk to her, and wiggle my finger at her, and she's sitting up there, watching the room, as my wife and I watch TV.

We've made our first England fly friend Smiley faceHousefly

And then, several minutes later, she kinda went and hovered and flew around the open window to make sure she know how to get out, and then came back in and danced with us again Smiley faceHousefly
Our new England friend on the base of a grey chandelier Little fly on an arm of the chandelier, facing towards me
April 30 - Pretty sure that same fly came back the next day too. She danced with us again, almost immediately Big smileyface
A fly, possibly the same fly, sitting on yet another spot on the chandelier, kinda looking down at the room and towards me somewhat. Our lil fly friend in the air somewhat close to the chandelier.

April 30, 2023

While I'm here, I may as well recall a story from before, back when I was living in The Pas, Manitoba, in 2021. The fly who kissed me (sorta).

So this is a bit of an unusual story, and not the way you'd think, though it makes perfect sense. So, this was during the time when the screen was open, and flies were welcome into the apartment freely, and two or three would be present at any given time, with them coming and going as they please. The times when a fly would see other flies crawling on you, and know that you're friend, so they would crawl on you too.

So this one fly, I remembered her from days earlier. She was one of the ones comfortable enough to crawl on my face all over, and over my lips (this becomes relevant), and would snack at the corners of my lips to look for little bits of saliva (aka saltwater) and nutrients to lap up. So, at the time of first knowing her, she was just one of the many, crawling around and having a good ol' summer hanging out.

Then, several days later (I only realized this after the fact), she found her way back into the apartment! And I could tell that she had lost the place for a short while, because for that little gap of a few days (again, I only realized this after the fact), I didn't have as many face-crawlers as before, or at least one of my main face-crawlers, this girl, wasn't present. So then this several days later, she comes into the room, literally bee-lines it for me, and immediately crawls onto my face, and I tells you, BURIED her head into my mouth, like... right in the center, full head, literally pushing her head between my lips. And I could feel her digging with her proboscis into there, both as a relief (I'm assuming, analyzing my data here) of having found me again, the big friendly creature, and to look for nutrients trapped at the seam of my lips. That's some level of trust and love, it was basically burrowing its head into my mouth to look for nutrients on the big friendly thing's lips. She hung around again after that, once again free to come and go with the window open, and the window blinds adjusted at an angle to let them know which window was the friendly creature Smiley face

And that's the tale of the fly that more or less kissed me Housefly

<she was so happy to see me again!>

May 7, 2023

Another lil friend showed up today, and danced with us Smiley faceSmiley face

I could tell it wasn't the same one, likely (if just due to general wind), because it didn't dance with us immediately immediately, but rather began by circling the room and looking around in general, kinda scoping the place out. Pretty soon after he started circling around, I began dancing with him, and of course he began with rather erratic, sharp-cornered turning as usual, and soon began to circle with me, and swoop towards and away from me. It honestly has only been taking a second or two of catching their attention that you can begin to dance with them Smiley face

Slowly but surely, our place is becoming a place for fly friends Housefly
Another lil fly friend hanging from an arm of the chandelier, a bit of a closer pic.

May 9, 2023

Awwww, and some of the public flies are starting to connect to me. We were at the laundromat, and I was talking and cajoling with the flies floating around while waiting (that's one thing that I love about England, most establishments just operate with the door kept wide open for the entire day). I was talking with the much larger flies zipping around, the one or two that came in and out, and throughout this a smaller housefly came around, and started flying around at ankle-height near me. I began speaking with him, and, as they were already dancing back and forth, began swaying back and forth with them (a bit subtly, due to location), and quickly noticed that he began to dance with me, flying directly towards and away from me in his circlings. After a few seconds of this, he immediately came up and landed on my leg, and began to clean himself while resting there.

I managed to pull out my phone and grab a quick photo or two of them. They soon flitted off to the outdoors again, having spent a little bit of time and a little bit of a dance with me. Talking to the insects in general probably helped, but it feels like the Insect Hivemind, one of my spiritual connections, was helping out here today, sending some fly friends my way for me to chat with Smiley face
Kabutroid's legs being crossed, wearing pink sweat pants and pink shoes, with a black and white line-patterned tile floor beneath, and a little housefly resting on her right leg A closer photo of the fly on Kabutroid's leg, with it perched there and looking out across the room Kabutroid holding up the spiritual housefly pendant around her neck, with the Rosary, Medicine bag, and Crow pendant behind, and wearing a black windbreaker for the day.

May 19, 2023

I think I've learned how to dance with them almost immediately all the time now. Generally like I've said, you gently talk to them, nod your head a lot, and bob your head/upper body back and forth with them when they're flying around, trying to keep eye contact with them while dancing. I've recorded a short dance with this little friend, who is still perching in and around dancing with me fairly constantly, swooping in and around, and getting close to me, even swooping in front of my face and over my hands when I get distracted and look at the computer for too long! There's also another little friend perched by an open window, watching us dance with the first fly. I'm hoping that word is getting out that this is a friendly place Smiley face
Little fly friend sitting on the edge of a wooden cabinet, with Kabs' carved staves in the background A link to a video, our little housefly friend in mid-flight in the room, with the word video overtop of the image Lil fly friend sitting on the edge of the window, watching us dance with the other fly in the room
May 19 - 5 minutes later - Oh wow, a really BIG guy found its way into the room, and although he left fairly quickly after checking out the room (I love it that the norm here is for shops and places is to keep doors/windows wide open), I did manage to dance with him for a few seconds, and he even came really close to check me out several times during his circlings and our dance Smiley face
A really big ol' fly, I think called a blue bottle fly, sitting on the frame of a mirror on the wall.
May 19 - 4 hours later - D'awwwwww, they've begun dancing with me through the window, from outside (Abby is at work rn)! They're definitely dancing with me, through the window, zipping back and forth, and definitely paying attention to me, keeping eye contact when facing towards me, and staying in my line of sight. They definitely know where the opening to the window is too, given the university study mentioned earlier. I'm not sure if this is the same fly from earlier today (the smaller fly), but it feels like it might be, since there hasn't been much wind today, certainly little enough that this one is zipping around outside the window without a problem. It's certainly a fly that remembers me at least.

And on and off, he's appearing outside the window for several minutes at a time, and when I catch them in the corner of my eye, I turn and dance with them (literally just showed up again at the word 'and' of typing that sentence), and now he's come in and sat on my loving spouse's shoes that are drying on the windowsill lol. And now over the past 5 minutes of dancing with it more, he's coming into the room more (perhaps different than the earlier fly, or the one that stayed on the window frame?), and seems to be doing a more thorough scan of the room from various angles and heights. I think our lil friend is getting to know the room more Smiley face . They're moving very slowly and gently through the room, staying quite low to the ground it seems for the time being, apologies, it is very hard to get a picture down there, and I also don't want to startle them by moving the computer off my lap and moving around to get a photo. They are definitely looking the place over though Smiley face

And continuing to type as this progresses, he's now alternating between dancing around outside the window again, and occasionally dipping in and out of the room.

I think they found friend Smiley face
Another link to a video, a housefly seen flying through an open window, with the word video overtop of the image Our little housefly friend sitting on my Abby's shoes, a brown leather-style high-top, sitting beside the open window. The fly is standing on the ankle ridge, looking into the room.

May 20, 2023

D'awwwwww, the big guy came and flew into the open window the MINUTE I opened the blinds and pushed the windows open for the day. Zipped around the room and in and out a few times, and zipped right up close to my face to check me out in his travels Smiley face

<caught me off-guard for a second big guy Smiley face>

May 24, 2023

Housefly in mid-flight fairly close to the camera, with part of a bedframe in the background. The text 'dancing with a housefly' and 'video' are overtop of the image, a link to the video.

June 3, 2023

We made some friends at the park today! It was a nice day out, so Abby and I went to go read under a tree in the park for a while. As is my way lol, after we sat down I began talking to the flies going by and showing up (which happily began very quickly), and not long after, one of them started landing on my leg and looking around for food and nutrients, just a lil tiny baby one (see first pic). I of course kept talking to him and cajoling him and encouraging him whenever looked at me hesitatingly, like no worries little friend, it's safe here, you can keep on looking around! After a little while, more started to gather around in general, and this one guy (pics 2-4, also 5) started getting comfortable around us. I was talking to him, being encouraging, sending him positive vibes, talking relaxing to him, nodding my head a lot as usual. And it didn't take long before he started cleaning himself too (see second pic/video).

He started kinda dancing back and forth between the backpack and my book, which I had now put down in order to pay more attention to my little flying friends lol, and was generally relaxing around us. There was also a number of flies kinda floating around in general near us, or wrestling with eachother, and once again, we were generally just part of the swarm again Smiley faceHousefly (see second half of September 03 2022 entry)

I tried taking a picture of those hovering around us, or tousling with eachother, but it was essentially impossible with the grassy background, and the camera focusing on that rather than *obviously* the tiny flying insects in the foreground like it should have lol. But they danced around us, and hovered near us, in curiosity and in comfort. I'm new to this park (right now), but as mentioned in the song-a-day edition 1834, I've been trying to find where the flies gather around here, and I've found one beautiful spot now, under this tree in a nearby park, where these fellas gather round and happily buzz nearby us. This fella on my backpack even got comfortable enough with us to sit on the backpack and face away from us after a short bit, keeping watch on anything coming nearby, knowing that the area behind him is safe and protected. Yeah, don't you worry lil fella, I'll chase away any birds or animals that get too close and want to eat you, I'll keep you safe when I'm here Smiley face

It was a beautiful day, spending some time in the breeze and relaxing against a tree, and becoming friends with the local fly population, letting them know that they have a friend in us Smiley face
A lil baby fly sitting on Kabutroid's jeans near the knee, with the grass and Kabs's pink shoes and red spotted socks visible as well A link to a video, an image of a much larger adult fly sitting on Kabs's pink backpack laying in the grass, right close to a zipper pull, and the word video on the image Our fly friend sitting on the cover of the book 'To a mountain in Tibet', which is laying face-open on the grass. The fly appears to be in the middle of cleaning himself, sitting on top of the O of mountain. A much closer view of our fly friend, this time sitting on the binding of the book, again overtop of the word mountain lol. He's facing somewhat towards me and to the right, but appears to be looking generally forward and not at me specifically. A slightly further away pic of Kabutroid's backpack, with two flies on it this time. One is near the side pocket with a canada flag sewn onto it, the british flag is on the other pocket, and the second fly is once again sitting near the zipper on the back.

June 13, 2023

They fly around inside and outside of the room now, often zooming in to dance with the one inside for a few moments before going outside again. Oftentimes they will stay outside, dancing through the window, and we mimic eachothers movements when I spot them dancing out there. The place is a free haven for them, a friendly spot where they can come in to escape the weather, or just come up and visit. They visit through the window, staying at a second story height, spending 10, 20 minutes at a time dancing around, staying in sight of us, and I bob back and forth with them, talking to them through the open windows. They will sometimes rest on the window frames, and just watch us when tired. The ones inside, usually only one at a time unless a second one comes in to tousle, dance around the chandelier for hours, stopping on occasion to rest, but will stay inside for the majority of the day, before usually leaving for the night when it begins to get dark. Once or twice one has flown past me shortly after I wake up in the morning, zipping past my head into my line of sight, letting me know that they're there. The window is always open an inch, so sometimes one of them simply enjoys sleeping inside.

We're friends with them, part of their swarm I think, this new batch in England. They know us, and dance with us closely, coming within a foot of my face at times when I stand up to dance with them. We're part of their swarm, part of their territory. They come in freely, stay all day long, one inside to watch this portion of their land, and others come up to say hi. Often, if I'm concentrating on the computer (an example of which happened literally while typing this), one of them, in this case one from outside, came and zipped right in front of my face to get my attention, to get me to dance with them outside the window. They dance with us, from inside and outside, tousled with (approached very closely) when they want our attention.

Our little fly swarm. They haven't dared to land on us yet, I think I've felt one come up and touch me before taking off again once, but that might come in time. Our first fly swarm in England HeartHousefly
A bit of a close-up view of a fly on the outside of the window frame, looking at us through the window. A more zoomed-out view of the same fly, showing more of the window that he is on. A picture through the window, showing one of the flies in mid-flight dancing around outside the window. A picture of the fly inside, dancing around near the chandelier.

June 23, 2023

They swarm-dance with us almost daily now, usually two of them in the room and multiple of them from outside through the window (less if it's cold or rainy out). Being in the middle of a typing project right now (see the windmill, no these guys aren't related to that, I couldn't put these wonderful little friends into that scary game), so often they'll catch my attention, many times throughout the day, to get me to dance with them, flying in front of my face and leading my vision to the dance. And I must stop my project and dance with them, you can feel them! It's like when you're singing to an audience, or dancing with a person, you can feel them. It's the same with the flies, you can feel their pull, and move in sync with them. It changes here and there, often you're dancing 'opposite' to them, in that when they fly right, you move left, and you circle in opposite directions to them, but in sync. Other times they'll move in the same direction, and you move with them, circling with them, and when they dart, you dart too (move quickly), in the same felt direction, or towards eachother, and you dance. My daily swarm dance with our little creature friends.

And you can feel their happiness, their joy. They're pleased that you're dancing with them, and excited, the big giant thing is dancing with us!

And always keep your arms in, try not to reach too much (often my arms will be pulled up to my chest, either/both to mimic them, and out of sheer cuteness). And they'll dance with you. And if you get up to leave the room for a minute, they'll dance close to your face, asking what's up, what's going on. And I'll talk to them cooingly, tell them in my cutesy voice that I'll be back in just a minute, you guys keep dancing, I'll be back in a minute, and I'll dance with them again when I come back, before sitting down to the computer again.

Beautiful little friends, they're playful these days in the middle of summer Smiley faceHousefly

As well, it seems that my friends swap out in the evenings. The flies go home for the evening outside, and are exchanged for moths that come in for the night, and are gone again by morning (where a housefly usually swoops by my face right after I wake up to greet me in the morning). This one (see pic) came and sat beside me for a little bit one night just to say hi, and some will come and fly past us multiple times through the evening, while circling the room in general. I think the moths are befriending us too Smiley faceMoth
Two houseflies in the air, halfway up to the ceiling, with part of a blue wall and Kabutroid's staves in the background. Two houseflies in mid swirl with eachother, swooping close to eachother, and I was lucky enough to have captured a still image of them in near swoop. Two flies dancing close to eachother outside the window, with trees off in the background A link to a video, showing two flies dancing in that one corner of the room Another link to a video, where the flies swoop in close to eachother in their dance. A large moth sitting on the bed next to me in the evening.

June 24, 2023

D'AWWWWWWWW, one of them landed on me for the first time today, and Abby!!! And the computer, she got brave enough to land on us and check out the things that we're working with!!!! Lil friend is getting closer!!!! Housefly

And they're landing on our hands and evverywhere, and I'm moving veeeeery slowly when she's around there, and making sure that there's plenty of time for her to fly off if she gets close to a moving part, and let her get used to us moving while she's perched on us.

D'AWWWWWWWWWWWW, lil friend!!!! HouseflyHeartHeartHeartHeart
Lil fly sitting on the back of Kabutroid's hand, with the computer in the background. Lil fly crawling on Kabutroid's computer screen, with the first photo open in facebook messenger in the background, and the fly towards the bottom of the screen, circled in green. The fly now sitting on Kabutroid's right arm, with the bed and her jeans in the background. Our lil fly friend sitting on Abby's arm near the shoulder, on her t-shirt.

August 31, 2023

As a summer update, we've been having moth friends show up as well during the evening too! I haven't taken too many photos, but the first few pics below are just some of the random friends that have showed up in the evening, often (though not always) when it's dark out, and the bedroom light is still on. They'll flutter around, the light usually, and otherwise look about the room, and of course we're talking to them as they float, and a number of them have become like the flies, getting all up close, sometimes even alighting on you for a moment before taking off again, sometimes for a second or two. And then often, or even most of the time, the ones that are in the room will find a place to sleep for the night, and stay there as we ourselves go to sleep, and are usually gone in the morning, having found their way outside again when the sun came up for their usual activities, having found a warm, safe haven to stay in for the night. Several times they will stay for several days straight, floating around, and generally staying somewhere (usually) visible through the day. One of them (see third pic above the computer mouse) decided to rest for the night *directly* in front of my line of sight (I was laying down looking at my cellphone). Just aaaawwwwwwwwww, he wanted to be somewhere safe, so it knows this big giant thing is friendly, so I'm gonna stay *directly* in front of it, so that it can watch me and keep me safe while I sleep Hearts faceHearts faceHearts face

So that was cute. We've also still had our usual near-daily fly visits, sometimes just dancing outside the window, sometimes coming in and visiting, dancing around the chandelier (where I inevitably dance with it).

Oh my goodness, and a cute little story. So one fly came in like... 30 seconds before my wife and I left for about an hour, breakfast, groceries, you know. So I cajoled with and talked with the lil fly, letting them know we'll be back in a bit. When they came in, they were dancing about at the usual speed, just back and forth, and I was swaying with him as usual a bit before we left. We did our shopping, and upon returning, the fly *immediately* got all up in our vision again, and was flying about excitedly at like twice the speed, zig-zagging, dancing, getting, and staying, within 6 inches of myself for much of the dance, and I happily danced with him as well, excitedly talking to him, playing, zig-zagging just as fast as I could to match his speed. I must have stayed dancing for a solid five minutes there while Abby began to relax down, and I slowly made my way beside her, waving to the lil fly like I do, with one finger pulled up close to my face, letting them know that I'm going to sit down now. You get a feel from them, when you send the vibes that you're done dancing and need to rest, you can feel a response from them, they reciprocate the vibe, and you can feel them breaking off from their dance with you, and continuing on their own (as this one did for a bit), or landing or doing their own thing soon after. Much like any member of the swarm, they very often break off a dance with one fly to dance with another, or to go and land and clean themselves, or what have you. You can feel that from them, and send the same vibe in return. They feel and they know Smiley faceHousefly
One little moth resting on the wall near the door Another little moth resting on the wall across the room from the first That one little moth that rested for the night directly in front of me, with my pink computer mouse visible beneath it, as well as a deck of cards, a harrow deck of many things lol, and the curtain string running diagonally across the wall above it. A big ol' moth that's like an inch long, having dark wings with light brown and orangish marks, and big ol arms clinging to the chandelier candlestick bulb holder. A little housefly dancing about in mid-flight, beneath the chandelier. That housefly having landed, and sitting on an upcurve of an arm of the chandelier, looking down towards me.

September 6, 2023

Befriending even the very tiny. This little fella has found a way to trust me enough that I can even touch him... this creature 10,000 times his size, and he doesn't fly away or jump up in fear. He's just watching me wave to him with my finger as I talk to him, and even crawls onto my finger when I put it near! He sat beside me on the bed for around an hour, sometimes crawling around, sometimes staying in one place... and myself looking back at him every minute or so to make sure I don't lose track of where he is. I was also very carefully making sure that any movements that I needed to make (he was around while I was slowly cleaning up the bed for sleep) were giving him a wide berth, and kept waving to him every few seconds throughout my movements to let him know that I'm keeping track of where he is and making sure that he is safe. It's rather humbling, to this creature that must have been like a thousand story building next to him, that he's putting his full trust in my movements. Wonderful little friend, stayed with me for a long time. And then after I'd crawled under the covers (next to him, leaving him room beside me like a cat on the bed lol, Abby was still awake and sitting up), he stayed with me for a while like that too. Eventually though, I don't know if he felt me getting drowsy or whatnot, but in several short flying hops, he eventually bounced up closer, overtop of myself under the covers, and then off of the bed where he flew off into the room.

Just a wonderful, humbling experience, something that's a quarter the size of a grain of rice... maybe four grains of salt put together... has compassion and care and trust in something this much vastly bigger than himself. I'm glad I got to know him for the hour or so that he was beside me HeartCare heart
A little little tiny fly sitting on a white patterned spot of a blanket, and my ginormous finger by comparison, about a centimeter away from him.

October 10, 2023

And then befriending even the very large! So, for the past several weeks to a month, we have been having a crane fly or two come into the room for the night with the moths, usually just one, and like the moths, they are usually gone by morning once the sun comes up. And that's all fine and good, I would talk to these long-legged friends as well, greet them, wave at them, and reassure them that they're fine and safe in here.

And then, just yesterday, as per usual, one crane fly came in for the night, and my wife and I continued to watch telly and browse our cellphones and the like. And then, at one random moment, I happened to glance up to the upper-left, and noticed this big guy perched on the wall about 3 feet away from my head, just sitting there. I waved to him with my finger and greeted him and stuff, and he immediately flew up to the lights, danced around, swooped in towards me again within a foot or so, and danced around some more. After that, he perched on the other side of the bed beside us, again just barely above head height, and just stayed there again. I was pretty much crawling into bed at that point, so under the blankets I looked at my long-legged friend every so often, saying something to him periodically, and he stayed there and relaxed, where the picture was taken.

So that's adorable, it looks like it might be more crane fly season in England at this time of year, and this wonderful little fellow, about three inches long he was!, went and sat right beside us, and danced and cajoled around with us when I noticed and talked to him Smiley faceSmiley face
A big giant crane fly, in a somewhat dimmed room on the wall, with leg segments that were an inch long from elbow to foot, and he made about three inches from tip to tip, with his legs somewhat bent in towards him to perch on the wall. Thin but long wings, a fairly thin body with a long thin thorax, and a larger central body and head, and his six loooong legs stretched out in all directions from the central body.

November 4, 2023

This lil friend! I definitely have a connection with the flies now. So the window has been closed for weeks, just rain every day, cold, chilly, and I haven't seen any flies in probably a month.

Yesterday, this lil friend comes up! Just comes up and lands beside me on the bed, chills with us, sitting there happily. She stayed in one spot while I talked to her, comforted her, let her know everything was safe, while nodding my head and waving to her with my finger up beside me, let her know it's good. After I finish talking, she starts wandering around on the bed for a bit, then flies off to look around the room and find little morsels to eat.

And she stayed with us, all day! She kept showing up and landing beside us all day, five or six times at least, always right beside, coming and saying hi, sitting for a minute, and then flying off and looking around again.

And she stayed with us all the way into the night, never left the room (or if she did he came back in). Windows are open, and she's coming and saying hi every so often, or flying in front of us to get our attention, let us know that she's there. And chilling, right side, left side, just landing somewhere nearby, I'd talk to her a bit, and she'd wander around and crawl over whatever it is that she landed on, over and over throughout the day. I got a few pictures of her, didn't want to pull out the phone every time, but she stayed with us, all night! At 1:00am I saw her again, nighttime, windows are closed, and she's still chilling with us, spending some time.

This lil girl just took to us, just up and friended us, and relaxed and stayed, enjoying the day!

Cute lil friend, somehow, I don't think she visited before the rains and since the last flies, she's somewhat small, middle-age, but she just came up and friended us right off. It's wonderful Hearts faceHearts faceHousefly
Lil fly on the bed, vaguely close to the side of it, just sitting there beside us. Our fly friend on the bed again, this time between the umbrella attached to my backpack and a cellphone charge cable. A bit of a closer pic of our little fly friend after he's crawled up onto the charge cable, and is looking towards me.

November 5, 2023

Lil friend came back! A but of a longer story to this, she felt a little bit spiritual from the start, and yesterday (when the last post went up), I was calling around for her, not having seen her in the morning.

So today, several minutes after opening the windows, our lil friend came back! Came and circled directly around my head in front of me, and then landed on my leg. And stayed there, looking around, land on the other leg, just get fully familiar with me.

Which leads to the next part, about a half-hour after this, and our friend going back and forth, landing on the coffee mug, landing on my leg again, landing nearby, I checked in with the Insect Hivemind, and asked if they should be my Familiar insect. Like all Flies (since they live a little over a month). And They said yes, they are my Familiar!

We immediately blessed the world with a Koa, love and health, my little Fly Familiar amplifying my blessing.

And so the Insect Hivemind, through my dedication and love, have decided to make Flies my animal Familiar! And I love it. I've always felt connected to them, they always come up and land on or near me, inside and out, and that will become even more so now Big smileyfaceHeartHousefly
My Fly Familiar on my knee, with a symbolic plus symbol in the background made up of cellphone cables. A closer pic of my Fly on my knee, wearing floral pattern jeans. My fly on my other leg, between two of the floral patterns, midway through crawling up my leg. My fly sitting on a schedule paper, looking out at the room, with books in the background. My fly sitting on an envelope above the books, looking out at another part of the room.

Oh my goodness, my first permanent Fly Familiar!!!!

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