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A fly sitting on Kabutroid's hand Close up pic of a fly sitting on Kabutroid's hand

Tales of friendship and adventure with my little fly friends Housefly Page 2! Housefly

Continued tales of my little fly friends! I grew up around them, and still do. They're wonderful little creatures, and clean, probably cleaner than a cat! Just friendly little friends who can get to know you, learn your area and your ways, and care about you Smiley face

So anyways, more fly stories! Written chronologically from earliest to latest. Also, details of my spiritual fly Familiars here.

November 27, 2023

So these little guys have taken to me! When out and about, probably at least assisted by my spiritual connection to fly spirituality, these little flies (at least in winter when the regular flies are asleep for the season) have taken to me! I'm sitting there, chilling with a coffee and a sandwich with Abby and friends, and this little guy comes up, hangs around me, chills with me, and checks out my cup. I make sure they don't get too deep into the cup and get stuck, but they come and chill with me, hang around on my sandwich wrapper, hang around on my tea or coffee cup, and I chat with them, talk to them, and generally make them feel comfortable and happy around me. Lil mini fly friends Smiley face
Lil tiny fly, possibly a very large fruit fly, on the edge of a coffee cup.

January 21, 2024

One other memory that came to mind... the fly that liked sugar.

So this was at my friends place in around August 2022, my eight or so flies were about the house, and I was just walking into the kitchen for some food.

What do I see inside the sugar bowl, but this little fly just going mad on a sugar crystal. Like picking up his head and ramming his little proboscis into it as hard as he could kinda thing. He powers onto that sugar crystal three or four times while I'm standing there watching in amused delight, when suddenly he stops, and just stares at me for a few seconds, like he just realized I was there and is seeing if it's alright to continue. I just keep standing there, and after that short pause of staring at me, realizing it's okay, he launches into the sugar crystal again with renewed vigour, his attack seeming like a powered up charge for a quarter second before diving back onto it over and over again.

We never ever actually saw flies on the sugar, like ever, so this was amusing to me. I guess because there's no real nutritional content in there that they didn't bother, but this one, he found it, he liked it, and when I came back later he wasn't there anywhere, so he clearly got his fill of this incredibly sweet thing, and moved on to more nutritious foods lol.
The photo of five flies relaxing on their lampshade meeting spot back at my friend's place in Winnipeg.
<Possibly one of these lil friends Smiley faceHousefly>

February 1, 2024

D'awww, my friend Kari from Winnipeg sent me some pictures that she'd found on her phone, of one of my fly friends sitting in my tea cup Smiley faceSmiley faceSmiley face
Kabutroid sitting ona dark brown couch with a red blanket over it, wearing a pink sweater, and holding a large red tea cup with a little housefly seen crawling along the white inside wall of the cup. Kabutroid smiling at the fly in her cup, more visible in this picture, with her meow finger tattoos visible holding the mug.

March 5, 2024

So, the Facebook group for Wild Green Memes for Ecological Fiends was having their annual charity battle to raise money for various conservation efforts, and towards the end the Entomol•OGs team was created, and Alicia Rezendes posted on Facebook that for every donation of $10 or more made to this team, she would draw a caricature of you as any insect of your choice. Naturally, I had to donate at this time. And lo, Kabutroid was drawn as a housefly, and it was good. Big smileyfaceHousefly
A photo of Kabutroid standing in a wooded area with a stream running behind her, wearing a pink top, backpack, her neckwear medicine bag and pendants, and a pink hat hanging on her back. It's just a really nice selfie of her smiling at the camera, and also the photo that the following caricature was based on.A drawing of Kabutroid drawn in black on white paper as a housefly, with familiar facial proportions, but with large bug eyes, and with the body of a housefly with wings, six long, spindly, hairy legs, the front two being in a somewhat crossed position. Below the drawing is Entomol OGs 2024, and the artist's signature, for Alicia Rezendes.

March 14, 2024

Oh my goodness, so the first housefly of the year showed up, in our new room! And if there was ever a sign, she showed up on the day when I planned to put in all of my housefly earrings!!!

Oh yes, we have housefly earrings! A bit of a tale for you! So I first ordered these from Etsy, two pairs of them in case I lost one and I'd be devastated if I didn't have a pair, but only one pair showed up! So I messaged the seller, but at the same time we were just moving to a new place, so I ordered another pair to the new address, and they sent two pairs in that one! So I ended up with three pairs total (the seller was good about it), so here I am with six housefly earrings, and wouldn't you know it, I have six piercings! So we know what must be done! So after the move, and finally digging out the original pair after the replacement pair(s) arrived, and our little housefly friend showed up right on the day I was planning on wearing them all! I had originally debated whether to add the bellybutton piercing, but I mean... I still had one earring left, I had to try lol.

And so, our little housefly friend watched me putting in all of the housefly earrings, I danced with our fine flying friend, we blessed the world with love and kindness, and the lil girl is asleep on the ceiling as I type this late at night HeartHeartHousefly
The first fly of our new place sitting on our light brown plaid patterned curtain in the early evening. Kabutroid wearing two of the fly earrings in her helix piercings, the flies arranged to be crawling upwards, which turned out to be too wide to get all three helix piercings in with these. Kabutroid wearing three fly earrings in her helix piercings, all arranged to be facing out from the ear, with their heads all together seeming to be feasting on the same spot, which is about the only way to arrange these to all fit in at the same time. No complaints. Kabutroid wearing all three helix flies and one in the earlobe, making for four housefly earrings on that side! Kabutroid's other ear, with the earlobe piercing lovingly filled in with yet another housefly earring. Of course the last earring had to go in the bellybutton piercing if it could fit, which it did! It is somewhat pinched upright, due to the bellybutton piercing typically requiring a curved stem, but it looks like the housefly is perched above the bellybutton. A closer picture of our fly friend on the somewhat floral embossing patterned ceiling, shortly before we danced together and blessed the world.

May 3, 2024

Oh my goodness, we have an adorable little story about my Fly Familar, posted in the Familiars page. Go check it out Hearts faceHearts faceHearts face
A closeup of my Housefly sitting on my faded black denim jeans, facing directly towards me. A photo of my Fly a little bit later, sitting on the flower textured ceiling above the foot of the bed, facing generally towards the bed.

May 13, 2024

Just a friendly housefly

So this housefly comes into our room last night, and is all floating about, and even lands on me once or twice! It didn't give off Familiar vibes specifically, but I suspect it was either the same fly as last time, or just another one that felt a friendly aura and came to say hi. She floated around the room, every 10 minutes or so zipping in front of my eyeline to make sure I'd see her. Even past midnight, she was still flying around, regardless of the natural time outside.

In the morning, greatly reminding me of my old fly in The Pas, right after sitting up and stretching, she goes and flies past my face again, making herself known and literally bouncing about happily in the room. The window is wide open, she can leave at any time, but she chose to stay in the room with us, and continued to occasionally fly past (with me waving with my finger and talking to her every time) while getting ready for work. I went downstairs to step outside and record my song-a-day, and I would swear it was the same one, this lil housefly came up and landed on this curtain right beside the backyard patio door. It nodded (or rather bobbed it's body) at me when I talked to her, it must have been the same one, following me downstairs to the patio.

Such an adorable lil friend, she often landed beside me if not on me, just sitting there for a minute or crawling around the immediate area around her looking around, before happily flying off to perch wherever else in the room.
A housefly sitting on the top of a pink wide brim hat silhouetted against the curtained window behind it. Most likely that same housefly sitting on a green curtain tie beside the patio door downstairs before I stepped outside.

May 20, 2024

Awww, lil fly friend. I've been feeling very ill for the past few days, and I'd opened the window wide a bit earlier, and then this lil friend comes and flies directly between my face and the cellphone I was watching, just fully make sure I see him. He's dancing around the room nearby now Smiley face

And then a second one came up a lil bit later and flew around my head a bit. Don't worry lil friends, I'll get better soon Heart

And then later on in the evening, from 7-8pm, they started to tell me that they were going to be leaving for the night soon. They would fly in front of my face (or perhaps just one of them but doing this more than once), get my attention, and then fly to the window, letting me know that that's where they're going now. Awww, thank you for letting me know that you're heading out little friends HeartHeart

There ended up being three of them during the day. After the two of them let me know they were going, one of them stayed to keep an eye on the room overnight. Even cuter, when I'd stepped out of the room, I came back in to him sitting on the headboard near my pillow waiting for me Heart. The third photo is just of him chilling at one of the places he sat in the room here and there, I didn't have my phone with me when I'd stepped out of the room and came back, but it was so cute seeing him there, like awww, lil friend is waiting for me Smiley face

And one more bit of cuteness was to follow, either the one that stayed overnight or another one, showed up and greeted me for a few minutes after we awoke in the early afternoon, even alighting on my hand for a moment shortly after I sat up Smiley faceSmiley faceHousefly
A screenshot from the video, which shows a housefly floating generally near to the light bulb hanging from the ceiling, currently turned off, near the open window. A screenshot from the video a little to the left of the first fly, and moving back and forth between the two, showing them both floating near the ceiling of the room, occasionally dancing with eachother in the middle. A photo looking up at a white mesh curtain curled overtop of the curtain bar at night, with a housefly circled in white sitting on the curtain mesh.

June 4, 2024

Awwwww, I'm not sure, but I think this is the same housefly that's been visiting us/guarding the swarm's territory for several days now. He's around most of the day, and often right after we wake up, will come and fly around nearby, make sure he's seen, and then proceed to land on various surfaces near us, and now directly on us to lap up our salts or explore quite often.

He started with just landing on the computer or bed near us, or lightly tapping off of our forehead or arm before immediately lifting off again, and has grown to trust us enough to land on our legs or feet for a fair length of time, or if we're laying there and relaxing and/or are half asleep, will land on our arms or hand and adventure around a little. D'awwww, lil friend, yeah you eat up some of our salt that you need, that's alright lil guy Smiley faceHousefly
Our housefly friend sitting on the keyboard portion of a laptop, with twitch displaying a Sonic and Knuckles speedrun on the screen. A fly sitting on Kabutroid's bare shoulder. A really good and clear shot of our housefly friend sitting on Kabutroid's hand, looking directly at the camera that was moved up just slightly to take this photo before sliding back down again lol. This picture also became the new title image at the top of page 2 of the housefly chronicles. Our little fly sitting on Kabutroid's left leg, slightly above the bear paw tattoo.

June 9, 2024

And he’s still sticking around every day, with a friend now too! I think we’ve finally achieved/gained the trust of the local fly swarm that they consider our room as part of their swarm’s territory Smiley face
HouseflySmiley faceHousefly
<note: Abby isn’t as into the flies as I am, so let’s consider her that first emoji smiling at me from the side Big smileyfaceSmiley faceHeart>
A housefly sitting on Kabutroid's wrist as she's laying in bed beneath a pink blanket. Our housefly guardian crawling on Kabutroid's jeans. Our housefly friend sitting onthe red looseleaf pad on the desk, that the Planet Zebeth comics are sketched in. Housefly sitting on Kabutroid's pink computer mouse, which is beside the Planet Zebeth notepad on the desk. Our fly friend once again sitting on Kabutroid's right hand, right on the knuckle of the center finger, and is cleaning itself there.

June 16, 2024

The flies outside in the parks are befriending me easily too. This one felt like it had a connection to my fly Familiar spirituality. I'd walked up to a pond to do a song-a-day, and this lil (actually rather large) fly came up and landed barely two feet from me, looking right at me before shuffling around in that area. I chatted with him for around ten minutes before eventually doing my song, talked a little bit more, and then finally left the pond when he flew off as well. It's nice to connect to the wild(er) flies as well Smiley face
A photo of a green bottle fly sitting on the top cable of a chain link fence looking almost directly towards Kabutroid, with trees and green algae covered water in the background. A second photo of the fly, about an inch to the left of where he earlier was, with tree branches and leaves in the background. A third and closer up photo, about two inches to the right, with the fly looking generally out from the pond towards the trail behind us.

June 19, 2024

Awwwww. I don't want to take a photo, but the one fly that's been with us for weeks has passed from old age. Although, as I was mourning him, and eventually rested him on the table for the night, another fly showed up on my pillow as I went back to the bed. I think while like I said, that first fly was watching this part of the swarm's territory, another fly came to take his place at the end. So I'm sad, and am mourning our fly, but the place is still being watched over by the swarm Heart

<I miss that little guy. I'm going to have to get to know the new swarm watcher. This is the cycle of mourning and joy that a swarmkeeper must go through Care heart>

June 20, 2024

Our new swarmwatcher. She has landed on me a dozen times already (this one feels like a she), and is hanging out here and there in the room all day Heart
A photo of a lightbulb hanging from Kabutroid's ceiling, turned off at the moment, they've never landed on it while it's on of course, with our new swarmwatcher fly perched on the bottom of the lightbulb. An image of our fly in mid flight in the room with the word video in the center. The video is of Kabutroid attempting to follow our swarmwatcher flying back and forth across the room as she zigzags back and forth.

June 21, 2024

Oh my goodness, our new swarmwatcher is getting almost as comfy with us as my previous fly friend from The Pas. She has no qualms with landing on us (mainly me, Abby is not quite as fond of their tickly feet as I am lol), and wakes up with me and will fly past and around as I'm waking up, and even crawls on my face like my The Pas fly friend! On occasion as well, a second or a third fly will come in and hang out for a while, but it's still just the one that watches the territory in the room overnight Heart
Kabutroid laying on her side in bed, with our housefly swarmwatcher sitting on the temple of her head chilling near her eyebrow. Kabutroid's right arm, with our fly sittong on her arm, and general belongings in the background. Kabutroid sitting up in bed somewhat, with our little fly lapping up salt off of her forehead. The lightbulb above the room, with two flies sitting on either side of the currently off bulb.

June 30, 2024

Awwww, yep. I have a connection to the fly swarms either Spiritually or otherwise, like I did back in Canada. In the room, the old flies teach the new ones, so we always have at least one swarmwatcher in the room, mostly speaking (the rare day they leave me to watch the territory lol), and the flies outside are comfortable around me too. Not one second after I sit down at a bus stop, than several flies go and land right beside me and chill, even looking at me. Others buzz right close to my legs or head, they know me, or feel me. I am part of the swarms in England Smiley faceHousefly
Two houseflies sitting on the leaves of a bush beside me at a bus stop, looking at me. Kabutroid in her room, with a housefly sitting on her glasses.

July 1, 2024

Yes, I did tell them that if they have kids, they have to go outside lol

On a related note, as of July 6th, nobody is carrying larvae in the room, so if anyone did, they went outside to lay them already.
Three houseflies sitting on Kabutroid's denim jeans as she's sitting at home.

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