Giant chonk

You could fit like 50 micro dice inside of it!

A giant chonk of a dice, chooooooonk
I've been wanting a giant chonk for a while now. Finally, I decided to look around and see what perked my interest. Thank you so much Easy Roller Dice.

And so, I found something that piqued my interest. A stone giant dice, which also looks to me like a storm elemental, and fits the bill of a city landscape as well, it's win-win-win!

And so, the giant chonk came to be, came to me. It's got an incredible font, it literally looks like a storm elemental signed the lettering or something. The whitening around the corners, darker grey inside, just OH MAN I love this thing so much :D


Arrived on May 11, 2022
The giant dice, dark grey to light grey edges, somewhat mottled, with the 20 facing up, and it's sitting in the spring grass.The seven micro dice all fitting on a single giant d20 face.
The giant chonk in Kabutroids hand, with the word Chooooooonk above, overtop of a wooden table.

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