The miniature dice roller

Rolling dice on a miniature scale

A little miniature dice roller

A little tiny dice roller that I made, mainly in an effort to be able to roll the dice with less fear of losing them. So, I had this miniature sewing kit from the dollar store (pic of it actually on the harrow bag page), so I pulled out the insides and lined it with still more of that red fabric (hey, they all match!)

I used some plastic with a convenient bend in it from some cookies, and folded the plastic into the shape of a dice roller, first having two rollers side-by-side (kinda cool aesthetically), followed by having a side that has room for the miniature dice bag. The outside will soon be painted, one side possibly with the D&D / Paizo / L5R logo mashup.

Interior finished February 2022, painted exterior to follow

                down the dice tower
            +-------   -+
            |           |
            |       /|
            |    .----' |
            |   /       |
            |           |
            |\          |
            | '----.    |
            |       \   |
            |           |
            |          /|
            +------   '-+
All the dice?

The sewing kit, emptied out and the inside lined with red fabric. The plastic exterior is light blue for now. Inside are the seven tiny metal dice, and a five pence piece to show size. The first version of the dice tower, showing a right side and a left side, both of which can be used. The tower portion is made from clear plastic, so that you can see the ramps inside, and the red fabric behind it. Showing a mostly completed conversion of the first dice tower design with the second, where the left side has been replaced with a large opening. The completed dice roller, with a tiny red dice pouch in the left side, with the right side being a rollable tower. The closed case, as I said currently light blue in colour, and it is sitting in my hand. I will be painting this down the road, probably a d and d and paizo logo combination on the bottom, and possibly a beholder on the top.

Need the d100 magic item table right about now?

More typing! Stuff to be added once the painting begins.
It says 'painting to follow' on top of that closed dice case picture.

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